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the policy that covers the car that is being driven.

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Would redundancy insurance be good for a young family?

"Redundancy insurance would not be good for a young family as they are better able to find employment and work for their earnings as to that of elder families. This insurance covers payments for loans, credit cards or mortgages when you�۪re unable to do so as a result of accident, sickness or unemployment."

What are the legal requirements for one resident to get travel insurance in Columbus?

There are no real legal requirements for one resident to get travel insurance. As long as the insurance plan covers basics such as medical, lost items, personal accident, and legal expenses, then the individual or family should be fine.

What coverage does American Family Insurance offer?

American Family Insurance offers a variety of health and dental insurance plans that help prevent future financial loss in case of an accident, illness, hospitalization or surgery. It prevents the costly expenditure if a member of a family becomes ill or involved in an accident.

Who do you notify when involved in an accident?

Medics , police, insurance company, family are to be called.

If your parents have insurance and your living with them do you have insurance on the cars?

Technically yes, the insurance goes straight to your family. But you can't tamper with it unless you have an ID and your parent's permission.

What is No-fault Insurance, and can I get it for my entire family with Allstate?

no-fault insurance Provides coverage if you, a family member, or your passengers are injured or killed in a covered accident involving a driver who doesn't have insurance at all or who doesn't have enough insurance to cover the damage they cause you.

What is a private health insurance plan?

A private health insurance plan is one that you pay for yourself and covers you and your family. It is possible to have health insurance through your employer and private insurance at the same time.

Can you legally drive a friend's car if you are under your parent's insurance and said car is insured by your friends family?

You would be covered by the insurance on your friend's car if you are driving it with their permission. To be safe, get the parents' permission, not just your friend's. It may be that your friend can't give a legally binding permission.

If you loan your car to a step-child who does not live with you will the insurance company cover in case of an accident?

Anyone you give permission to is covered on your policy. Family members are certainly covered, even step children no living with you. Do not use this availability as primary insurance for them though. They should be listed on the residential parent's policy.

How do you contact you about some old insurance policies?

I have several old insurance policies from The National Life & accident Insurance company of my family & I was wondering how I could get information on them on how to cash them in.

Are you covered by a family member's insurance when driving their car in Georgia?

As long as you are sure they have insurance and if you are listed as a drive on such insurance policy. If these cases are both yes then you will be covered under their insurance as long as you have permission to drive the vehicle.

Is there still a life insurance company named Citizens Home Insurance company?

Citizens Home insurance Company was a family members company as well. We have an assumption certificate that states the Independent Life and Accident Insurance company in Jacksonville, FL effective September 8, 1981. I have googled the Independent life and Accident Insurance and this is what I have found: In 1997 Independent Life and Accident Insurance company merged to American General Life and Accident as well as Home Beneficial Insurance Company and Gulf Life Insurance Company. American General Life and Accident Insurance Company was acquired by AIG in 2001 You can visit their website at www.aig.com Hope this helps.

Will someone driving your car be insured?

it depends if you have insurance that covers all drivers in the family or all and any drivers.

Where can you find a health insurance plan that covers your whole family?

There are many national health insurance plans that will cover an entire family. Companies such as Aetna and Blue Cross among others will help you find a plan.

If you crash a car borrowed with permission from a family member will their insurance or your insurance cover the damages?

You may need to check with the insurance company. Most companies will cover accidents that happen when a car is borrowed by a licensed driver.

Is family dental coverage necessary?

It really depends on what the insurance covers, the overall cost, and your family dental history. Families with a long history of dental problems due to genetics are often well served by having dental insurance that covers preventative care and a good portiion of treatments as long as it is within your budget.

What is a policy in insurance?

An insurance policy is a contract between the insured and an insurance company. The policyholder pays a premium, and as long as the premium is paid and up to date, the insurance company promises to pay (cover) a certain amount of money if whatever is covered happens.An insurance policy will cover you from accidents, getting handicap, some can be to cover car accident damage or work accidents while others cover health.Types of coverage:In an automobile accident, liability insurance covers damage to the other car and any injuries to its passengers, whereas collision insurance pays for what happens to your car that the other driver's liability insurance doesn't cover. Comprehensive insurance covers other things that are not covered by the first two types of automobile policies. So if vandals ruin your pain or a tree falls on your car, comprehensive would cover that.A life insurance policy exists to help bury you when you die and to help your family to survive when you are gone.Health insurance covers you in case you get sick. There are different types of health coverage ranging from doctor visits, to hospital coverage, to medication.Homeowners insurance covers things such as fire, theft, vandalism, natural disasters, mold, water damage, etc., depending on the exact policy.Renter's insurance covers things such as theft, vandalism to the property that you might be held liable for, etc.

Can Out-of-state college student coming home for holidays drive family car?

I wouldn't see why not. Insurance will cover any accident she has, only because she is family.

What is the best and cheapest family insurance for a family of five?

I find that the bank we go through already is the best for my family, and it is very cheap as well, approximatley 10.00 per month, and it covers everything.

Where can I get good death insurance?

"First of all, it isn't called death insurance, it's called life insurance, which covers your family in the event of your death. New York Life is a good place to check." "You can only get life insurance, not death insurance. Go with MetLife."

Which private health insurance companies cover dental insurance?

Agile Health Insurance makes it simple to choose, compare & apply online for affordable Health Insurance from leading Health Insurance Companies with ObamaCare options, Short-Term Health & Dental Insurance too! cutt.ly/7jfAre3

Where can one get information on Travelers Life Insurance?

Travelers Life Insurance is a type of insurance that compensates a family if the person under the policy is injured or killed due to an accident while traveling. The websites of businesses that offer this insurance have more information about their individual policies.

Can you drive a family members car if you have the same insurance company?

Sure, you can drive the car. It doesn't matter if you're registered or not. And because you are an insured driver, that makes it even better, even if you're not insured to drive that car. Having the same insurance isn't the issue. The issue is whether or not your state follows a "family doctrine purpose", which covers anyone in the immeadiate family regardless of who is driving, or follows an "ownership statute", which extends the priveledge to anyone driving the car with permission of the insured owner.

What is covered with POS Health Insurance?

POS health insurance covers all of your inpatient family doctor that is within a certain networks. They also help with a prescription discount which is helpful for expensive medications.

Job loss or death Is there any insurance that covers a family?

Yes, It's called a Life Insurance Policy for death, Job loss is covered in the U.S under Workers Unemployment compensation.

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