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It depends on the individual and the severity of the disorder. The more calories are restricted and the more exercise is done, the faster a person will lose weight. But anorexia is a very dangerous eating disorder and not a safe or long-term method for weight loss. Proper diet and exercise are better options to stay healthy, and also to keep the weight off and to avoid future health problems that an eating disorder can bring.


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You lose about 2 pounds every day Well i did and that was with 4 hours exercise

Anorexia is not a "diet" It's a mental disorder.

It will take a long time, as these people will put on weight all over again.

Each person varies with how long it will take to lose 30 pounds. On average, a person can lose around 2 pounds per week. It would take 3.75 weeks to lose 30 pounds with diet and exercise.

It is recommended to lose 2-3 pounds per week. To lose 22 pounds, it may take you 10 weeks or more.

it should take at least take two mouths because you can lose 10 pounds imm a month so if you lose 30 it should take you two months people not a year JUST TO LOSE 30 POUNDS REALLY WHO TAKES THAT LONG

Will if you are just dieting it gonna take a long time, if you excise, you will lose it for good. Normally you lose about 1-5 pounds a week

How long it normally takes to lose 50 pounds can vary greatly from person to person. As a general rule, losing one to two pounds per week is a safe goal. If you lose two pounds per week it will take a little over six months to lose 50 pounds.

Running and lifting is a way better option. Combined with a regular diet, you can lose weight pretty quick. Anorexia just causes depression and death. I know people who've been taken to the hospital for becoming anorexic for just a little bit. Please don't become anorexic, I've seen enough lives ruined by this disease. I'm here for you if you need me.

if you lost 4 pounds each week and you wanted to lose 40 than you would have to do that for 10 weeks.

The suggested weight loss is approximately 2 pounds per week. At that rate, it would take you 20 weeks to lose 40 pounds.

The length of time it will take to lose 20 lbs. depends on the amount of calories you take in and how active you are. At 5'1 and 120 pounds it will take approximately two to three months.

In general, it's better to lose weight slowly; most doctors will suggest 1-2 pounds a week. At one pound a week, it would take about a year and a half to lose 71 pounds.

Depeneds, It takes an Adult to lose 20 pounds in a month but teens happen to lose weight faster than adults do

it can take as long as two days or two weeks it depends on what you are doing to lose weight

The recommended weight loss is 2 pounds per week. At this rate, it would take you 20 weeks, or 5 months to lose the weight.

Yes, but it would take you a long time to lose a few pounds.

Alot longer than it would take you to excersise it off.

A healthy weight loss is one to two pounds per week. Therefore, if you want to lose ten pounds it will take between five and ten weeks.

You can start losing today. How long it will take depends on how strict your diet is, how much you want to lose, and how much exercise you're able to get.

she could lose about 2 lbs a week, that would be a healthy weight loss/

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