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If you got a bad grade on a biolgy test should you tell your parents?

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Well if you got a bad grade on a biolgy test there is only one answer. You just tell them and face the facts.

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Should you tell your parents before or after you ask a girl out in 8th grade?

I think you should tell them after, because it's your life and they should be okay with whatever you decide

You are in 5th grade and you have a boyfriend It's not serious we just hang out at school and talk Should I tell my parents?


How do you tell your parents you like someone in 7th grade?

i wouldnt tell them...

What should a fourth grade girl say if a fifth grade boy asks her out?

if the girl likes the boy then say yes and if your parents are square dont tell them

What do you do if your teacher is bullying you?

tell the head of your grade, princable and parents

How do you tell your parents that you have a boyfriend when your only in the sixth grade?

Honestly, if oyur in the 6th grade and you tell your parents that theyll probably just say "oh that's suuu cute" or something.

Grade 7 dating do you tell your parents?

oh no!!!! then you wont have your privacy.

I am sixteen and pregnant do i have to tell my parents?

You must first tell your doctor and then to your parents and/or with the social services (welfare officer). dont HAVE to tell anyone. SHOULD you tell your parents? YES, of course you should. Do you HAVE to? NO.

You like a guy you are in 8 th grade what should you do?

You should tell him

If you get a grade lower than you usually get but it is still good how do you tell your parents?

Tell them you got an 'F' then once they start to calm down tell them you really got the better grade. It's your best shot.

What should i do that you are in sixed grade and the girl you love is in ninth grade?

Tell her <3 If you tell her maybe she'll like you back <3

What do you do when your seventh grade friend is cutting?

Talk to your friend about it and tell them that it is not good. If your friend doesn't stop go to your parents and tell them.

How do you tell your parents you have a girlfriend?

just be open to them there your parents they should understand

How do you tell a girl that you like her in fifth grade?

If you think she likes you yes you should tell her!

Should your bf be mad if you tell your parents what you did with him but not tell him you told them?

Yes. He may be a more reserved & private man & if you intended to tell your parents, you should have let him know you were going to.

Can you kiss your boyfriend on the cheek in fourth grade?

Uhmmm....yea! just dont tell your parents!

I am bi who do you tell?

If you are bi the first person you should tell is your parents and then you can tell you frineds

What should you do if your always bullyed?

tell the teacher I think you should tell a older person. Does not have to be a teacher but someone who can help you out and if they do not help tell your parents. They will talk to the bullys parents and they WILL make it stop.

What if your parents should let you go out when you are in elementary school?

I think you should tell them your not gonna do anything that innaproite . tell them that they could talk to him and his parents about what they think.Also don't date him until you get your parents permission

Should you tell your parents that you're dating?

if i were you I wouldn't hid that from my parents because they find in normal and they don't forbid me from dating, but you should imagine how your parents were going to react, if bad is it, you shouldn't tell it, or you should, that's your callthis answer is different for different kinds of parents

Why should you tell your parents if someone is bullying you?

You should tell your parents because if you don't tell someone, the person/people who is/are bullying you will continue to bully you. You should tell a parent or trusted adult that you are being bullied so that they can put an end to the bullying.


yes u should just tell her not to worry about it to much

What should I do when an adult makes me feel uncomfortable?

You should tell your parents.

Should you tell your parents that you were kicked out of a store?

If you have understanding parents - or - they will find out eventually, then tell your parents first so you can explain the circumstances. Tell them that you have learned your lesson and that it won't happen again.

How should you tell your parents about your diapers?

As a grown up it is very hard to tell your parents about the diapers unless you have a medical problem.

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