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An underaged person who has been given permission to marry and does so is considered emancipated. The emancipation status does not automatically end if the marriage is dissolved. However, in unusual cases the parent(s) of the minor can petition to have emancipation rights revoked if they can show "just cause." Or a judge can rescind the emancipation status and deem the minor a ward of the court, depending upon individual circumstances. Such actions are extremely rare, generally when a minor has been legally emancipated it is a "done deal".

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Q: If you got married at 15 in the state of Missouri and are now 16 and living in the state of Arkansas and you want a divorce will you still be emancipated or will you have to move in with your parents?
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Married in Missouri but live in Arkansas Can you get a divorce in Arkansas Even if its filed in Missouri She keeps contesting the divorce?

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If emancipated can you get married in the state of missouri?

If you are emancipated, and at least 16, yes you can get married. Marriage is another way of getting emancipated.

Is a 16 year old married person considered an adult in Arkansas?

Yes, when married you are emancipated.

If we married in Guatemala can we get a divorce in Missouri?


How long after divorce before can get married again in Arkansas?

The day after receiving final divorce papers.

Can you get emancipated if you get married in Alabama?

If you are married, you are considered emancipated.

If i got married in Arkansas and now reside in Texas can i get a divorce in Texas?

Yes - you may divorce anyone in any state at anytime.

Is it possible for a seventeen year old to get a divorce in the state of Maine?

Yes by getting married you became emancipated and you can do what you wish. No one can force you to stay married.

If married in Wisconsin can you get divorce in Arkansas?

Consult an attorney where you live to determine what is best in your circumstance. Generally speaking, you can file for divorce where you have residency regardless of where you were legally married. An attorney will help you determine the other qualifications necessary for divorce.

What does it take to get emancipation in Arkansas even if your married?

If you are married, you do not need to be emancipated. Marriage makes one an adult automatically. It does not change age requirements for alcohol or tobacco.

Can a married same-sex couple get divorced in Arkansas?

Yes. Effective June 26, 2015, same-sex couples may divorce in Arkansas, providing that they meet all requirements of the divorce law.

Got married in Arkansas but divorce was not finalized in MS was the marriage in Arkansas legal?

Of course not, you can not legally marry more than one person at a time.

Is Mark Buckner from Sedalia Missouri divorced?

No he is not divorced. Still married to Lauren and they are moving to Arkansas.

If you are 16 in Missouri can you be emancipated with your father's permission?

Not every state has emancipation laws, and I don't believe Missouri is one that does. Therefore, the only way to become emancipated is by (1) turning 18 (2) getting (legally) married (3) joining the military (which minors have to have parental consent to do).

Are you emancipated if your married at 16 in Nashville TN?

If you are married you are emancipated. That is how it works in all states.

How soon after getting a divorce can someone get married again in the state of Missouri?

they can because they feel the same why other feels about getting married again.......

Can a pregnant 17-year-old get married in Missouri without her parents' permission?

I'm not sure about Missouri specifically, but in most states a minor is not emancipated until either their 18th birthday, or upon mothering a child. Being pregnant does not count, the minor must have the baby to become emancipated.

Where do you file for a divorce if you were married in Missouri and now reside in Illinois?

File for divorce in the state where you currently live. The states have reciprocal agreements for these sorts of legal matters.

Can a girl who is 17 emancipated and has a child get married without parents permission in Missouri?

Emancipation means the child is considered legally an adult. Yes.

Can a married same-sex couple get divorced in Missouri?

Yes, pursuant to a court order dated May 6, 2014, the state of Missouri will recognize a same-sex marriage performed elsewhere for the purpose of divorce in Missouri.

Can emancipated minors get married?

If they are truly emancipated, yes. Note that in almost all states, getting married emancipates a minor.

Can a 17-year-old who has a child in Missouri move out if her 20-year-old fiance is away in the Navy?

== == Answer No. Age of majority in Missouri is 18. Not being married, she is not yet emancipated. Her ability to reproduce is not a factor.

How many times can a person get married and divorced in the state of Arkansas?

THere is no limit as long as every marriage ends by a legal divorce. You can only be married to one person at a time in the United States.

Can a 16 year old move out without being legally emancipated in Arkansas?

No, they cannot do so legally, unless they have parental permission. Until they are 18 or married, the parents are responsible.

Is it possible to get emancipated at 16?

Certainly. If you live in a state that allows emancipation, not all of them do. Most will consider you emancipated if you get married (not pregnant, married!).