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Don't know if its a "good idea" perse but it definitely hurts!!

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Should you get your tongue re-pierced?

You could, but it will hurt ALOT. I got mine redone a month after i took it out (i took it out the day i got it done originally) so i got it repierced and IT HURT!! (because of the scar tissue)

Can you get your belly button repierced in the same hole?

Yes, most piercers will. Others will require that you get it done at a larger gauge to remove the scar tissue. Keep in mind that generally it is more painful to get pierced through scar tissue.

Can you get your ears repierced if the hole is still open?

Why would anyone want to re-pierce themselves if the holes are still open? You can take out the jewelry, let the holes close, and then get them redone (that is, if there isn't too much scar tissue), but other than that, you cant re-pierce what is already pierced.

How do you pierce your belly butto at home?

You don't. This is a horribly dangerous idea. Save the money to get it done by a professional. You can end up with an infection or a nasty scar. If you do it wrong, which there is a high chance that you will, you could end up with scar tissue that prevents you from getting it repierced. JUST DON'T DO IT

What are the risks of piercing your own belly button?

-Contracting hepatitis, AIDS/HIV, and just about any other blood-borne disease -scar tissue that can prevent the are from being repierced -infection that can spread through your body -rejection due to improper placement or rejection -permanent scarring

What results in the decrease in tissue repair neoplasm or invasion or cancer or infection?

Infection results in a decrease in tissue repair.

What is swelling and infection of soft tissue around in a nail?

Paronychia is swelling and infection of soft tissue around a nail.

If my belly button piercing had to be allowed to close and it left scar tissue how bad will it hurt to get it re-pierced?

Probably less than when you got it new!The scar tissue is dead tissue,meaning the nerve endings are no so sensitive as they were when you first did your piercing.

Can you re-pierce a infected lip?

If the piercing was infected, you shouldn't have removed the jewelry. That can lead to the formation o an abscess. That being said, wait until you're absolutely sure the infection is cleared up to get it repierced. Unless you have some serious scar tissue, getting it redone shouldnt be a problem.

A growth of tissue at the back of the throat which helps fight infection?

Your tonsil is a growth of tissue at the back of the throat which helps fight infection.

How long after you get your cartilage pierced can you tack is out?

The healing time for cartilage piercing is 6 to 8 weeks, removing the jewellery sooner than that can lead to secondary infection and damage to the fine tissue that the body is trying to form.

does it hurt to get your belly button redone in the same spot?

It depends on how much scar tissue you have. Scar tissue can be tougher to pierce, and depending on where it is, you might have to pierce around it. I've never been pierced through scar tissue, but its generally considered to be more painful and can be harder to heal. Everyone's different though!

A growth of tissue at the back of the nasal passage which helps fight infection?

Your adenoid is a growth of tissue at the back of the nasal passage which helps fight infection.

What connective tissue cell would most likely increase its activity during an infection?

an infection would most likely increase activity in what tissue

What is lytic infection?

That is an infection that causes cell membrane breakdown (lysis) in the infected tissue.

Can you get your belly button repierced if you have scar tissue?

Go ask your piercer about it. Some piercers do and others don't. A lot of those that do use a larger gauge needle to removed the scar tissue at the same time that they pierce your navel. I heard that piercing scar tissue hurts more so be prepared :3

An invasion of pathogens in body tissue is called?


What is a nonspecific defense reaction to tissue damage caused by injury or infection is known as?

The inflammatory response is a non specific defense reaction caused by tissue damage or infection.

Does your belly piercing hurt worse the second time being pierced?

Piercings always hurt worse the second time because you are being pierced through scar tissue.

Will an ear piercing get infected if you open it up after 35 years?

If by reopening it you mean re-piercing it, then yes, theres a chance that it'll get infected. If the piercing is healed over, go get it professionally repierced. Scar tissue can be a little tough to pierce through. Repiercing it yourself with non-sterile jewelry greatly increases the risk of infection. If it hasnt healed over, its fine because scar tissue has formed and you arent creating a new wound.

How long should you wait to get a belly button repierced?

You need to wait until it is fully healed. This may take up to 3 months. There will be scar tissue so it will hurt more the next time.

What is a localized infection?

Localized infection describes what occurs when all infected tissue is maintained within the one area. If infected tissue broke away from original site of infection and travelled to other body parts, it would no longer be localized.

What is Homeopathic medicine for soft tissue infection?

Hepar Sulph

What is A pathogen's entry into a host's body tissue called?


What is the term for acquiring an infection through mucosal tissue?