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Possibly, but it could just be a heavy period. The clumps and cramps worry me though. You should call your doctor and talk to them. There are things that need to be done a lot of the time after a pregnancy.

go to a doctor right away.

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Q: If you got your period a week early and it is still going but has been bright red and has a lot of dark red clumps and you have had cramping and vomiting could you be experiencing a miscarriage?
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Do you cramp and bleed bright red blood during a miscarriage?

Yes. If you are pregnant and are bleeding and cramping, go to the E.R. immediately. There are other complications that can cause bleeding and when medical help is sought soon enough, it may be possible to avoid miscarriage.

You are 2 months pregnant w your second baby now you are experiencing cramping spotting every time you pee last pee came out the slippery fluid followed by the bunch of blood possible is miscarriage?

Symptoms of miscarriage include but are not limited to: heavy bleeding, bright red bleeding, clots, cramping, loss of pregnancy symptoms, dizziness, and abdominal pain. If you feel that you could be having a miscarriage or have any type of bleeding during pregnancy you should call your Dr. If you are having heavy bleeding (more than 1 pad per hour), back/shoulder pain, smelly discharge, yellow/green discharge, or fever you should go to the ER immediately.

What are the symptoms of a micarriage in the first few weeks of a pregnancy?

Severe cramping, heavy bleeding, bright red bleeding, clots, sudden stop in pregnancy symptoms are a few. If you feel that you may be having a miscarriage contact your dr and go to the ER immediately.

If you had discharge of bright red blood size of a quarter and some cramping a week or 2 before your period started and was on the pill what would this mean Im pretty worried?

I hope its nothing bad... Im experiencing the same thing :z

How do you know if you are miscaring?

If you are having a miscarriage, it is not going to be hard to tell. Depending on how many weeks, or months you are the symptoms will vary. Signs of a miscarriage are heavy bleeding, the blood is a bright red, it is severly clumpy, and you will have extemely severe cramping in your lower stomach(the area of your uterus). If you are up to 10 weeks at least then your embryo sac(the sack the baby develops in) will also be bled out.

Im having bright red blood and im on my period but thar is very unusual because i have never gotten that what can that be?

Have you got any other symptoms STI Miscarriage A whole host of other problems.... is there any cramping? any other signs of pregnancy?

Why are you vomiting green vomit?

The green color vomit is stomach acid bright yellow would be bile.

What type of heat transfer are you experiencing when you sit next to a bright light?

Radiant. Consider the warmth you get from the Sun.

Is a bright red blood clot a sign of a miscarriage?

Yes If you are pregnant and are passing blood clots, go to an emergency room immediately.

Is bleeding during the sixth week a symptom of a miscarriage?

It depends on the amount of the bleeding. If you are spotting, just a tiny bit of blood, probably brown and not bright red blood, probably not. If you are soaking pads, then probably.If you are also cramping, then probably.The most important thing to do is get immediatly to your health care provider or the closest emergency room or urgent care.Yes, immediaely.

Is bright red spotting after urinating for a day or two 9dpo a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, this could be implantation bleeding. It can also be coupled with cramping.

Bright green cat vomiting?

its the stuff Michael Kane likes to smell on a Tuesday night because he is a game freak.

If i am Bleeding bright red blood am i having a miscarge?

You bleed A LOT when you have a miscarriage and during your period you also bleed bright red so see a doctor if unsure. Take a pregnancy test 2 weeks after.

Is it safe when brown discharge comes from your virgina when you pregnant?

It depends on what stage you are in during your pregnancy. If it's only a small amount , there are no clots, There is no cramping, and it isn't bright red you should be ok. If it continues , you become worried about it, or you experience a lot of bleeding,bright red bleeding, clots, cramping, fowl smelling discharge or a gush of liquid from your vagina contact your dr or go to the ER immediately.

Signs of Miscarriage?

Signs of a MiscarriageIt is not always easy to know if a miscarriage is occurring. Some women have minor symptoms while other women may have other major complications. Here are some signs to know if a miscarriage may be happening.Bleeding or SpottingIt is difficult to tell whether a female is having a miscarriage just by bleeding. There are many women who bleed during pregnancy and it is completely normal. If there is any spotting that occurs that is bright red in color and lasts a few days, it is best to call the doctor to get a checkup.Pain or CrampingIf there is pain or cramping that occurs in the abdomen or lower back, a miscarriage could be occurring. Since miscarriages can occur up through 20 weeks of pregnancy, the pain or cramping could also be ligaments stretching. If there is no bleeding or spotting, chances are it is the ligaments.Fluid or TissueIf fluid or tissue has passed from the vagina it may be a sign of miscarriage. If able, place the tissue inside of a jar with a lid and take it with to a doctor's appointment. The doctor can pass the specimen to a pathologist for testing if desired.Loss of Pregnancy SymptomsA major sign of miscarriage is complete loss of pregnancy symptoms. Women know they are pregnant because they typically have nausea, tender breasts and many other hormonal changes. If these suddenly disappear, it could be a sign of miscarriage.Negative Pregnancy Test After Positive OneIf a miscarriage is believed to have occurred, the best idea is to take a pregnancy test. If a negative result occurs, it may be that the fetus has passed. The next step would be to take a second test and view the results, or simply go to the doctor for a blood test.All of these are signs and symptoms of miscarriage. If miscarriage has resulted, the mother can either let the fetus pass naturally or to have a Dilation and Curettage (D&C) procedure. A D&C is a procedure where the mother is given anesthesia and the fetus, along with other tissues, is removed via a scraping technique. It may be best to have a D&C if mom has plans to get pregnant again in the near future as the D&C ensures that no infection will occur and other tissues will be removed that may not have passed naturally.

What is spotting for pregnancy?

Light, pinkish or brown bleeding - without cramps. It is not spotting if there is bright red blood, with clots and/or cramping. Call your doctor to be sure everything is normal.

Is bright pink persistent spotting at 5 weeks 3 days implantation bleeding or signs of a miscarriage?

It is too late to be implantation spotting, that usually happens 6 days or so after ovulation (about 3 weeks pregnant). I wouldn't worry about it if it's only "spotting". However if you begin having cramping or the spotting gets heavier I would worry then. I hope you called your doc, just to set your mind at ease.

What are the signs of a miscarage?

Signs of miscarriage can include but are not limited to loss of pregnancy symptoms, bright red bleeding, heavy bleeding, passing of clots/tissue, back pain, abdominal pain, and cramping. You should seek medical care immediately if you develop fever, shoulder pain, are soaking more than one pad an hour, smelly discharge, yellow or green discharge, dizziness, fainting, or signs of shock.

Why does everything look bright?

If you are experiencing something different from normal for you, this may be a symptom of a medical problem. Check with your doctor's office or a local clinic and describe what is happening.

If you had an early miscarriage 3 weeks ago and had a vaginal ultrasound and the pregnancy was over and now you have bright red blood and mucus is this part of the miscarriage or is it your period?

if this is the only bleed you have had since the miscarriage then it is just your body getting rid of whats left in the womb. bleeding after a miscarriage can and usually does last up to a month so dont worry until it goes on longer than that. The thick red mucus is just the thickened lining of the womb where it thickened to accomodate the baby. try not to worry. a midwife

What is the sign of 2month pregnant miscarriage?

First off if you think you are having a miscarriage you should contact your Dr right away. Symptoms may include : Heavy bleeding, bright red bleeding, passing of clots and/or tissue, cramping, back pain, sudden stop of pregnancy symptoms, and home pregnancy test going from positive to negative. You should go to the ER right away if you have any sever bleeding, shoulder pain, smelly/yellow/green discharge, fever, blurred vision, or fainting as these all could be signs of something much more serious.

You have had bright bleeding with small clots at 5 and a half weeks could you still be pregnant or is it a miscarriage?

With any bleeding during a pregnancy you need to contact your doctor right away. This is not a medical forum and I am not a doctor, but bleeding and clots are often accompanied by a miscarriage. See you doc ASAP. Good Luck.

You are 6 weeks pregnant now and tested positive But you don't have any other pregnancy symptoms as yet and had some brown spotting today. Could these be signs of a possible miscarriage.?

absolutely this could be a miscarriage. a doctor will likely suggest bedrest. if the spotting changes to bright red, get to emergency.

What is the color of blood after a miscarriage?

* The most common and clear symptom of a miscarriage is vaginal bleeding associated with or without pain. The blood color can range from brown to bright red and could be accompanied by cramps. Bleeding could be in the form of mild spotting, persistent bleeding, heavy bleeding and passage of large clots.

Is it normal to spot very little along with having terrible cramps and lower back pains in your 2nd trimester?

Hi, I understand your concern with the spotting and lower back cramps/pain that you're experiencing. I want to assure you though that these types of symptons are perfectly normal for many woman. I have had four children and experienced both spotting and the cramping with all 4 of my pregnancies. Your body is going through so many changes right now. The spotting you're experiencing is probably due to the egg implanting itself firmly on the uterene wall. This will also cause back pain and/or what you describe as cramping. I've also experienced 2 miscarriages. I never had cramping with them, but, bled very bright red blood. So, as long as the spotting your having is not bright red in color, everything shoud be just fine. Worry isn't good for expectant mothers so relax and just let nature take it's course - You may find some other helpful information that will ease your mind on the following two websites, &! Good Luck and God Bless! Warmly, Kimberly