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It's very possible that you are pregnant if you weren't using any protection. Take a home test. If it comes out negative, wait 5-7 days, if you haven't started your period, take another test. If it's also negative, wait 5-7 more days, if you haven't started your period, take a third test. If that is still negative and you haven't started your period, call a doctor.

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Q: If you got your period and didnt start your new pack of pills could you be pregnant if you still do not have a period a month later?
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What if you have your period later then you normally do?

you could be pregnant but there is a chance that it just came later then schedule, Your period will do that. if a week has gone by since you should have started your period i would contact your doctor to see if you are pregnant or not

If You bleed after sex very light and about two weeks later you got your period could you be pregnant?

No Silly You Have Your Period So Your Safe Not Pregnant

What do it mean when you spot after your period?

last month i didnt have a normal period or this month . thismonth i had a period for one to two days now a week later i a bleeding brownish red am i pregnant ?

Could you be pregnant if you got your period 2 weeks early and then 2 weeks later you start your normal period?


If you get your period and spot blood once almost 2 weeks later after unprotected sex are you pregnant?

Yes you could be pregnant. Take a test when you miss you period. It could be implantation bleeding.

Used condom didnt break and I didnt come checked afterwards there were no holes in the condom she is not on pill had regular period couple days later am I just paranoid that she may be pregnant?


What if your boyfriend ejaculated in you 9 days before your period and now you have your period could i be pregnant?

It is possible to be pregnant and have a one time period. The question is were you ovulating when you had sex. If you had a period 9 days later, I doubt you are pregnant. However, it is possible.

If you had one normal period and than a heavy period 2 weeks later could you be pregnant?

You probably just had a miscarrage.

Could i be pregnant if i had brown spotting for one day then started a period two days later?


What if you had unprotected sex and then got your period two days later Could you still be pregnant?


If a guy just puts it in and then pulls out and you get your period about a week later and no intercourse in the next month and then have a late period could you be pregnant?


First time sex for 15 seconds so guy didnt come on five days before period and then on day period was due i bled for an hour then stopped and a day later it still hasn't come am i pregnant?

You could be! You should get a test ASAP!

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