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You May Have Blown A Fuse. If You Look In Your Fuse Box, It Is Located On Most Vehicles Under The Dash, Between Steering Column & Kick Pad { Door } HOPE THIS HELPS OUT

2006-09-01 03:51:59
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Q: If you grounded a wire while taking a stereo component out and radio and cab light do not work but the cigarette lighter does what could be the problem?
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How do you fix a cigarette lighter on a Chevy Cavalier?

To fix the cigarette lighter on a Chevy Cavalier, check the fuse first. Next check the wiring and the cigarette lighter itself for a problem.

What is cause Ford expedition cigarette lighter inoperative?

If a Ford Expedition loses operation of a cigarette lighter, there is a loss of power. Check the fuses and wiring to the lighter to find the problem.

Where do you look next if the cigarette lighter in a Mazda 626 is not receiving voltage but all the fuses and relays are intact?

Had this problem - simple doesnt have a fuse buy new cigarette lighter.

Where is the cigarette lighter fuse for a 1998 Camry?

Did you ever find out where the cigarette lighter fuse was located on the 98 Camry? I have a 00 Camry and im looking for my cig. lighter fuse. The fuse is in a fuse box located under the drivers side of the dashboard to the left of the steering column. If the fuse is good and the cigarette lighter still does not work, the wire attaching at the cigarette lighter itself has probably burned or broken off necessitating the lighter be changed. It's a comon problem.

Mazda 5 cigarette lighter fuse?

A broken cigarette lighter fuse in a Mazda 5 can be a nuisance. A burnt fuse is a common cause for this problem and can be found in slot 43 of the passenger fuse box.

How do you fix a broken cigarette lighter on a 1998 Saturn SC2?

you dont fix the lighter. you fix your smoking problem. get those patches or the gum

Why would the tail light fuse blow when you turn on the park lights on a 1993 Pontiac Sunbird?

If it's anything like my 92 Sunbird, (and they do have the same inherent problems), they are leaky cars (water wise) and it's probably wiring. There's a grounding problem it sounds like. I used to have a similar problem in my 92 when I used the cigarette lighter, it would blow the taillight fuse everytime. Replaced the cigarette lighter and problem went away. See, the cigarette lighter was rusted and the ground was faulty, so it would ground to the nearest fuse (which was taillight fuse) overload it, and blow the taillight fuse. Your parking lights are probably not grounded properly and it is doing the same thing my cigarette lighter was. Is it just me or are these cars just like the old Ford Tempo's and Dodge K cars, very reliable for the most part, but very leaky?!

When I turn my car on the radio and cigarette lighter won't work Suzuki swift?

I had the same problem and it was found that the built in radio/CD player was the problem, I had to replace the radio and cigarette lighter. All is well now, check out your radio as fuses kept blowing till i changed the radio.

How do you replace the cigarette lighter in a 1999 cavalier?

A inoperable cigarette lighter can be a significant problem and safety hazard, as the lighter negates the need to fiddle with a small hand-held lighter will driving. Repairing the lighter in a 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier calls for inspecting a number of different components to the lighter and attempting to repair each one at the sign of damage or failure. If no steps can fix the cigarette lighter, it can be easily replaced with a few easy steps.Difficulty:ModerateInstructionsThings You'll NeedScrewdriverWire cuttersWire strippersElectrical tapeNeedle-nose pliersWrench setCheck the Lighter1 Purchase a replacement cigarette lighter at an auto part store, matching the original.2 Push the new lighter deep into the cigarette lighter socket.3 Inspect the inside coil on the new cigarette lighter after 30 seconds. If the coils are red (indicating heat), the old cigarette lighter was damaged. If this does not correct the problem, return the cigarette lighter to the point of purchase.Inspect the Wiring1 Remove the lower trim panel retaining screws with a screwdriver. Disengage the locking tab and slot in the middle of the trim panel and pull the two trim panels apart.2 Inspect the wiring from the back of the cigarette lighter socket to the firewall. Look for any places where the wiring might be crimped, cut or otherwise damaged.3 Repair any damaged section of wire. Cut out the damaged portion with wire cutters. Strip the ends of the original wire with wire strippers and connect the same thickness and gauge of wire into the section. Cover the new connection with electrical tape.4 Push the cigarette lighter into the socket and inspect it after 30 seconds, seeing if the coils inside the lighter are red and warm. If they are, the problem was the damaged wiring.Check the Fuse1 Locate the fuse box on the side of the instrument panel and remove the fuse panel cover.2 Inspect the diagram on the back of the fuse panel cover and locate the correct fuse for the cigarette lighter.3 Remove the appropriate fuse with needle-nose pliers and inspect it. If the metal bridge inside the fuse is broken, replace it with a new fuse. If the metal bridge is not broken, push the fuse back into position.Replace the Socket and Lighter1 Detach the electrical connection at the back of the cigarette lighter socket.2 Unscrew the ring holding the cigarette lighter socket in place with a wrench. Remove the cigarette lighter and socket.3 Push the new cigarette lighter socket into place. Reinsert the retaining nut in place with a wrench.4 Reattach the electrical connection to the back of the socket.5 Push the new lighter into the socket and inspect the coils inside the lighter after 30 seconds. They should be red, indicating heat and a working cigarette lighter.ehow com

What could be the problem with your 2001 Lincoln LS if the cigarette lighter power is out?

bad fuse... always pull, NEVER twist the plug...

Which fuse controls the cigarette lighter on a 2002 Dodge Stratus?

8 --------- I own a 2006 Dodge Stratus, and I also had a problem with my cigarette lighter socket. I located the exact fuse by accident the other day. -The owner's manual DOES NOT specify a fuse for the cigarette lighter. -The internal fuse box cover DOES NOT specify a fuse for the cigarette lighter. (This fuse box is located below and to the left of the steering wheel. Access by opening the driver door, then pull the cover off to reveal the fuse box. The fuse diagram is under the cover.) -The fuse for the cigarette lighter is located in ANOTHER FUSE BOX UNDER THE HOOD next to the positive (red) jumper cable terminal. Remove the cover by pinching the tabs inward. The cigarette lighter fuse is a 20 amp fuse on the bottom row.

How do you fix the cigarette lighter in a 2002 dodge stratus not work?

If it's the lighter itself, and not the circuit, any auto specialties store will sell "generic" replacement lighters (the part you grasp and pull out), and 90% of the time, the lighter itself is the problem - they "burn out". If the problem is the lighter socket or circuit, I'd just write it off and forget about it.

Which is the fuse for the cigarette lighter on a 1995 BMW 740i?

i had this same problem with my 740il 1997 and its not the fuse box under the hood but it is the fuse box in the trunk in the same compartment as the battery storage it is behind the cloth siding you just pull that down and there is the fuse box that has the cigarette lighter in it.

Where is the cigarette lighter fuse on a 2008 BMW 5 series?

I wish someone would answer. I have the same problem. All three outlets dead.

What kind of Fuse do you use for a 1995 Jeep wrangler cigerette lighter and radio and where is it located?

I am looking at the 1995 Jeep Wrangler manual (I own a 95 Jeep Wrangler Rio Grande), and it is telling me that you use yellow fuse with 20amp for cigarette lighter and radio problems. Goodluck! About to go fix my Jeep radio/cigarette lighter problem right now.

Why is my Cigarette lighter not working in my 2000 Pontiac Bonneville when fuses are good?

Check the outlet by plugging in a 12v accessory (radar, gps, phone charger). If it has power, then the problem is the lighter itself. The are only a few dollars.

How do you repair the cigarette lighter in a 98 Subaru Forester?

first i would check the fuse, then try a different lighter in socket, if neither of these remedies problem ginna have to take dash apart to remove socket and see what is wrong

How do you replace a cigarette lighter in a 2001 sephia?

i had the same problem. there is no cigarette lighter fuse. check your fuses in the fusebox (find it in the owners manual). if none are busted then buy a new cigarette lighter inside part (10 bucks), take it to a cheap shop (10-15 bucks) and its done. 20-25 bucks cant be too much. that's what i did. also now that it works the electrical circute in the car works alot better and my subs bump harder :)

Does the cigarette is the answer of your problem?

The cigarette is made of the leaves of the tobacco plant. the only problem it is likely to solve is if you find health and fitness a problem. thee things are designed to poison you while you are addicted to them. there is no problem you can fix with cigarette addiction

How do you repair a non-working cigarette lighter?

In most cases, a blown fuse is the problem. Check the fuse box. The fuse box should have a diagram on the cover that shows which fuses are for which circuits. Find the cigarette lighter fuse and check it. If it's bad, replace it. If the fuse blows again, you have an electrical problem that a mechanic will need to check out. If the fuse wasn't bad to begin with, there's probably an issue with the wiring between the fuse box and the lighter. You'll need to have that checked as well.

2001 Ford Ranger cigarette lighther not working?

In your fuse panel on the driver's end of the dash (the cover is visible with the driver's door open ) in location # 17 there is a 20 amp fuse for your cigarette lighter and data link connector - check to see if the fuse is blown , also it could be the lighter itself or an electrical connection problem. (Helpfull)

Is there a fuse for the cigarette lighter on a 1997 Jeep Wrangler and where is it?

Owner's manual. I own a 1998 Jeep Wrangler and have the same question. I know there is a fuse for the cigarette lighter & I know it's in the fuse box inside the vehicle's glove box. However, the owner's manual does not document the specific fuse for the cigarette lighter. My first suspicion was that it is part of a grouping, but I haven't been able to determine which one from reading the manual. Also, the cigarette lighter is the only device not working in the dash. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thanks in advance! - Beth Part 2 - after reviewing the manual and fuse panel again, the only description that applies is Power Distribution Center Coils. This is fuse position 11 (10 amp Red) on the 1998 Jeep Wrangler Sahara. If this is the correct fuse, then my non-functional cigarette lighter is not the result of a blown fuse. - Beth I just changed the fuse to my cigar lighter in my 98 sport and it was in position 19 labeled acc. sw. This fixed my lighter problem. Perfect - That fixed my lighter issue - One Note tho - 20 amp fuse. Thanks Fixed my problem too, thank you for the info. Fixed my three year old problem Too (98 Wrangler Sport) Thanks so much. Will I have the same problem for my 1990 wrangler(4cyl). my fuse box is not labeled the same... any info or help for me? I have a 98 wrangler sport as well and this fixed my problem by replacing the fuse in spot 19. This fuse was empty and for some reason it is labeled spare in my jeep.

Peugeot 306 cigarette lighter not working?

First check your fuse panel to make sure it's not a blown fuse. If fuse is good for the lighter circuit it may be the lighter just went bad. Look at the area that gets hot you will see a wire that goes round and round, if you can see a break in the little wire then the lighter that is the problem.

Your 1999 Corolla keeps burning out brake light fuses - car won't shift out of park two shorts fixed - cause?

Hey, supposedly the fuse that's burning out on you is also connected to the ignition and the cigarette lighter. It might be that whatever Mp3 player or ipod or something of the sort that you charge on your cigarette lighter is causing the problem.

How to repair 1999 mercury mystique cigarette lighter?

Can be just a blown fuse, so check the fuse. The lighter itself can be defective or the outlet can be bad. Try a known good lighter from another car and see if it works. If so, your lighter is bad. If not, then check the fuse. If the fuse is good you know you have a wiring problem or the outlet is defective and must be replaced.