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That is pretty normal. Especially if you are breast-feeding. The same thing happened to me after my 1st child. My doc said it was because my hormones were still out of whack. Okay, not exactly said in those wordsbut, you get the gist. Thats completely normal. Women who breastfeed may not start their period until they are thru breastfeeding. Breastfeeding keeps you from ovulating (in most cases, not gauranteed) so it is kind of like a natural birth control. if you aren't on Birth Control and if you are having sex you might be pregnant again

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Q: If you had a baby 3 months ago and you haven't started your period in a month what does that mean?
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Why do you see systoms of pregnant for the first month and get period on the next month?

would you be pregnet if you havent had your period for 3 months now

I quit birth control two months ago and havent started my period and i am cramping is that normal?

yes, it usually takes a month or three to re-regulate your period. good luck Joymaker RN

You havent had a period in a month and started spooting the nexy month?

You might be pregnant or maybe you just skipped a period. If you've been under a lot of stress or changed your eating habits that may have caused you to miss a period. If not you might be pregnant.

You took planb about a month ago 5 days later you started spotting it seemed more like a period now its a month later and you havent started your breast are tender and you feeling sick are you prego?

are you pregant the sentence was not finished

What if your period has been delayed over a month?

Go to your doctor and tell them that you're worried that you havent had your period yet and it's been a month.

What if you haven't started your period for four months?

Everyone is different, and sometimes girls may skip a month. If you recently started your period or in this case your period was 4 months ago and it was your first time, that is normal. From my first to second period ever, I went 2 months. Again, everyone is different, and if it reaches 6 months of not having it, I would maybe consider going to the doctor.

You used birth control for two months and stopped you got your period twice in one month when you stopped but ever since you havent gotten your period for almost a full 3 months now is that normal?

Yes, it happens to people who swim for no logical reason at all.

For 2 months i had my period twice in each month and this month i haven't started my period so what does this mean?

Have you recently started a new form of birth control or been pregnant? I wouldn't worry until the whole month has passed without a cycle. If you are losing sleep over it, I would call the gyno.

Could you be pregnant if you stoped the BC pill about a month ago and you had a normal period last month but this month you started your period 8 days after your last month period could i be Prego?

Answering "Could you be pregnant if you stoped the BC pill about a month ago and you had a normal period last month but this month you started your period 8 days after your last month period could i be Prego?"

"What do you do if you haven't got your period in a month"?

You took 2 pregnancy tests and both came back negative you havent started your period for 2 months now you have light spotting from time to time Could you be pregnant?

It is more likely that you are having irregular periods for whatever reason, and the spotting is what you are having as a period. If you miss another month, it probably is time for a checkup with your doctor.

Can you use pregnancy test after you missed 4 months of your period?

If after 4 months of having no period you are either pregnant or have a medical condition that would need to be taken care of immediately. After the first month of a missed period you should have taken a pregnancy test, not waiting until a 4 month mark. Going to see a Ob/Gyn would be a great idea if you havent already made an appointment. Good Luck

I missed my period last month and i thought i was pregnant then all of a sudden i started my period but its heaver then usually is that good or bad?

Thats just a period they can be heavy or light some months or all months they can be heavy but its better when your having a light period because you don't feel ewwy

Could you be pregnant if you dont start your period this month but started twice last month?

yes you can be pregnant if you don't have your period this month

You already had your period at the beginning of the month and went to the doctor and got the depo shot and now you should started your next period and havent yet what should you do?

It is kind of a up in the air when it comes to the most infamous Depo.. Some people still have their period others wont.

How many days should i wait for my period to start because this month your period has not started yet?

It's not uncommon for a period to skip a few days or even a month. If it comes to 2 months though, see a doctor. If you think you might be pregnant, take a test.

What happens if you havent got your period back in a month or two?

That depends on your normal cycle and how recently you have had sex

What word means occurring every four months?

Triannual = every 4 months in a 12 month period. Quarter = every 3 months in a 12 month period.

What does it means to Have your period?

It means that you are going through a mentral cycle and you release a couple eggs a month which is a little bit of blood when you pee. I havent started yet and I'm 14 but il earned about it in health.

Is it normal to be a month late for your period if you just started taking the pill?

yes it is normal. I was late when I first started too. Just wait it out, but if you dont have it after 2 months, i would call your OBGYN

You have the Mirena and havent had a period for a month ive been throwing up the past couple days are you pregnant?


How long do you have to wait after giving birth to get YOUR PERIOD?

It can depend on whether you breastfeed or not. I breastfed for a month and had to stop, and my period started a month after that.

How long will weed stay in your system if you havent smoke in 3 months and you smoke 1 bowl?

To be safe, one month.

Will taking seasonic delay my period from coming this month?

yes, you don't have a period for 3 months

What happens if you started the new pack of birth control while you have your period.. will your period start earlier next month?

It is normal for some women to have break through bleeding in the first couple months on BCP, your period will become very regular and possibly lighter within a few months.