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Q: If you had a hysterectomy and have one ovary and your husband had a vasectomy do you have viable eggs in that one ovary and does your husband still have viable sperm that can be extracted to be put in?
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Part 1 Can you still produce eggs after a hysterectomy if you still have your ovaries. Can you then use those eggs for invitro How long after your hysterectomy are your ovaries still producing eggs.?

You will still produce eggs after a hysterectomy until your body goes through menopause. The eggs are still viable the regardless of the hysterectomy.

Had hysterectomy can you carry a fetus?

If you have had a total hysterectomy, the answer is no longer have a womb in which to carry a developing fetus. The only exception to this would be an ectopic pregnancy, which occurs when a fertilized egg lodges itself in the fallopian tubes & begins to develop there, but this is usually non-viable.

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How can you get pregnant when your husband has Klinefelter's syndrome?

First a testicular biopsy should be done to determine if he has any viable sperm. Some men with this condition do have some viable sperm in their testicles and if he does, in-vitro fertilization may be a possibility. However, if he does not have any viable sperm, then you would need to use donor sperm to become pregnant. Hope this helps.

Do you still have reproductive eggs after a hysterectomy four years ago?

If you are still premenopausal the simple answer is your ovaries will still produced eggs however they obviously cannot become viable as you have no uterus for them to fertilise. See a fertily expert to see if they can be gathered.

A 50 years old woman with a partial hysterectomy can produce eggs?

Providing that the ovaries have not been removed nor you have not gone through the menopause then technically yes although they cannot be fertilised nor become viable without a uterus

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what is viable development?

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Can non viable sperm get viable?


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"The terms of this contract are not viable." "There are two viable options here: take it or leave."

Is pregnancy possibly after a vasectomy?

Certainly!! The only sure way is abstinence. Most common reason for early vasectomy failure is having unprotected intercourse too soon without checking the Post vasectomy semen analysis. There are plenty of residual viable sperms after the vas deferens are cut. It can take more than 20 ejaculations after to clear them. That's why it's important to use back up contraception until proven otherwise. Of course, there is other rare cause like recanalization of the vas deferens. Some reports that different vasectomy techniques may have slight higher incidence of this. Unfortunately, none is 100% sure. I have met couples who both had sterilization procedures because of their fear of the failure rate.

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What is the definition of viable sperm?

Viable sperm is sperm that is capable of fertilizing an egg and resulting in, when combined with a viable egg, offspring. Hope this helps!

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A fetus is viable when it can live outside of the mothers womb. a viable foetus is where a foetus that could be taken from the womb and still be able to survive.

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Is a viable fetus able to survive?

Yes, because anything viable is capable of living.

How many viable offspring has a primipara produced?

A primipara has delivered one viable offspring.

Are there different types of vasectomies If so are ALL vasectomies reversible?

Some types are done by removing a section of the vas deferens which carries the spermatozoa to the urethra. Other methods involve tying them off. In either case, it is very difficult to reverse. Soon after a vasectomy, your body stops producing viable sperm.

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