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Yes. The name/names on a check simply means they are legally authorized to sign it. * The names on the checks are really not the issue. When a checking account is jointly held one of the holder's cannot simply take their name off the account. The account has to be closed and each party will be required to open a new account in whatever status they choose. It would be in the best interest of the person wishing to be excluded from financial responsibility to contact the bank to make certain they have been relieved of all responsibility concerning the account. The UCC states that only the signer of a check is responsible. However, not closing the account properly can create any number of problems for one or both account holders.

2006-09-14 00:43:53
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Q: If you had a joint checking account with your boyfriend but have removed yourself from it is it legal for him to still use the checks with your name on them?
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Can you continue receiving direct deposit into a checking account after your name has been removed from the account?


How can you have your former husband's name removed from a line of credit that is linked to your personal checking account so he is not responsible for liablilty or credit reference?

A joint account holder cannot be removed from the account, the account will have to be closed.

How a does a debit card work?

It works much the same as a credit card but the funds are removed from your checking account

Can you get out of a joint checking account?

Yes. If you want to get out of a joint account, you can contact the bank and submit a written request to be removed as a joint holder of that account. The other parties involved in the joint account have to approve your removal from the account, only then the bank will complete the formalities.

Can only 1 person close a joint checking account?

It turns out that the answer is yes, which was rather a surprise to me. A person I know closed her joint checking account (with her husband) after her divorce, because he kept overdrawing on the account. She tried to have her name removed from the account, but they wouldn't do that without him; however, bizarrely, they were perfectly happy to simply close the account on her say-so. (This may have been practical: they may have just decided "it's better for us to close the account than to take the one person who actually puts money IN off the account.")

What do you do if your name has been removed from a joint checking account without your consent?

Depends on what type of an account it was set up as. If you were a signer on an account, then most certainly the owner of the account can remove you. Same as applies to accounts set up under a trust. if it was a joint with right of surviorship, most institutions prefer to just close the account and reopen the account under the requestor. even if there is a divorce decree. or "death certifacte" Either way, if you were removed from the account without your consent, you should call your financial institution right away.

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Can my boyfriend have me arrested for using his checking account without his authorization to pay a credit card if I already paid him back all the money and this happened 5 months ago?

No, he cannot. Although you probably should not have used his account without his prior approval, you have removed one element of a possible criminal offense by paying him back thereby demonstrating that you had NO CRIMINAL INTENT. He cannot now use that to hang over your head. [I hope that you kept the proof that you repaid the money!]

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How do you remove a lien on your checking account?

Checking accounts are levied by means of a court ordered judgment. Most bank account levies are good for a period of thirty days and then must be renewed through the court. In some states the levy depending upon what it is for can remain on the account until the amount of the judgment has been collected. The holder of the account cannot have the levy removed without filing a petition with the court where the creditor received the judgment. For the levy to be suspended or ceased the judgment debtor/account holder must present evidence for "just cause". Such evidence might be that the funds in the account are not subject to seizure because they are of exempt status, such as Social Security or public assistance benefits.

Can you be removed as a joint account holder when you have not placed any debt on credit card?

No you must close the account.

If I have registered but wish to be removed how can you do this?

The only thing you can do is leave your account.

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The only way to have an account removed from your credit report is: 1. To prove the account was a result of fraud. Or 2. To let the account run the course which is 7 yrs. from the date it was PAID.

How will i receive my money if placed the wrong account number on my income tax?

Resubmit. The money will be removed from the incorrect account by the government and replaced into the correct account.

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How long after you file bankruptcy can you get a checking account?

A checking account has nothing to do with a bankruptcy unless the bank you are going to deal with does a credit check on you and uses this information to Approve/Disapprove you based on that info. If you are turned down by a bank try another, some bank in your area will give you a Checking Account I'm sure. Good luck getting a checking account. I filed chapter 7 and was discharged over a year ago and NO ONE in the area will give me a checking account. I have to get my paycheck cashed to pay bills. The above person can't get a checking account probably because when they filed for bankruptcy, they included some current bank account they had. When you do this, the bank will place an inquiry on Check Systems and that is what banks used to determine if they will grant you a bank account at their branch. I understand your problem entirely. Refer to the above comment about ChexSystems. Keep in mind that not all banks use ChexSystems, there are still 20% of banks that use some other system or no verification system. If you have been legitimately reported to ChexSystems for owing a bank money, there is no way to remove it unless you can get the bank that added the report to request the removal. You can however, get a note placed on the account if you have paid the debt in full - this will not ensure that you can open a checking account, but it does improve your chances with a bank that has the option of overriding a ChexSystems report. Easiest way out, check with your local credit unions and smaller banks. Odds are one of them either doesn't use ChexSystems or they will open an account even with negatives on that system. ; I just came out of Chapter 7 and could not open an account as long as you included the bank in your bankruptcy and have your discharge papers along with the line item showing they were included into the bankruptcy you can open another account. Just order a chexsystem report then dispute the item as paid and request it to be updated/removed you then will be able to open another account within 30 days. If they dont show a 0 balance you can sue them under the bankruptcy law. but you wont have a problem as i was able to open account 15 days after my dispute.

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