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(This sounds harsh in written format. It's not intended to sound harsh!)

What exactly are you asking? You said you got pregnant in September. Then you therefore got pregnant during one of the times that you had sex in September.


I'm assuming you had a miscarriage in August and found out you were pregnant in September. Either way, it is possible to ovulate a week after a miscarriage, no period needed. I had a miscarriage in 2005, was hemorrhaging badly, therefore had to have a d&c and I ovulated 2 weeks later, before I had a period. I know I ovulated because of the ovulation pain in my ovary. However, it is not safe to become pregnant so quickly after a miscarriage, all the doctors and research say to wait as least one cycle before trying again. Obviously that info doesn't help now but if you had a d&c or passed the sac on August 21 you very well could have gotten pregnant again at the end of August or sometime in September.

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Q: If you had a miscarriage on August 21 and got pregnant in September when did you conceive?
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Can miscarriage affect the next pregnancy?

Not always it depends on the circumstances of the miscarriage and how far along you were, I miscarried in august 2009 and by the end of September I was pregnant with my son who is now a happy healthy 2 year old! X

How soon after a miscarriage can you become pregnant again?

The next month- as soon as your body is able to ovulate again. I had a miscarriage in July and got pregnant in August. With TWINS! :)

You are 25 weeks and 1 day pregnant what day did you conceive?

16th August 2008.

I had a miscarriage June 15 I had a period mid July but no period at all in August But my home pregnancy tests are negative as of today September 1st Can i still be pregnant?

There is a way that you can still be pregnant. It could still be to early to tell.

Your baby is due May 8 2010 when did you conceive?

The end of August beginning of September.

If your baby is due on 26th of may when did you conceive?

You conceived in the last days of August - beginning of September.

Could I be pregnant 22days after a miscarriage curetteI have a positive pregnancy test?

yes you can I miscarried the 27th of July and was pregnant by the 10th of august and had my daughter April of 2007.

If you are four weeks and two days when did you conceive?

Counting from today (30th September), you conceived on roughly 31st August

When did you conceive if your due date is August 12?

you conceive in Dec

When did you conceive if your baby was born on August seventh 2007?

About when did i conceive if my baby was born on August 7th to 2007?

When I came on your period on August 1 and August 28 and took a test on September 30 and found out I was pregnant when did I conceive?

Probably round about mid September. If your menstrual cycle is regular at about 28 days, then you probably ovulated about 12th - 15th September. However, it isn't possible to be more precise. In addition, sperm will survive for several days after sex, so they could have been there before you ovulated.

If your last period was 10th August when did you conceive?

24th august

If my due date is 26th may 2010 and my last period was 10 August 2009 when did i conceive?

The approximate date of conception was September 2nd

When did you conceive if your due date is may10?


When did you conceive if the baby is due in may?


You are nineteen weeks pregnant on August twenty first when did you conceive?

17 weeks ago if u want an app date i need an lmp or due date

When did you conceive if your due date is May 24 2010?

It takes 2-3 week after the date of conceive to tell that your pregnant with the pregnancy test, The date of your last period sometimes can be wrong because some woman get it while pregnant and not knowing they are, whilst others don't get it but are not at all the due date they're given. Your date of conceive is roughly the 31st of August and could be a week before that.

Around what month did you get pregnant if due date is August 2?

December possibly late September

When did you get pregnant if my due date is March 18 2012?

Sometime around Late August-September.

If you conceive in August when is your due date?

It depends when in August, but roughly around May

If your due date is May 7 2008 when did you get pregnant?

Sometime around late August 2007 or early September 2007 is when you became pregnant

If i had a period in August and i did'NT get pregnant till September will i have a period?

I have the same problem, but from my experience last year before my miscarriage. I just had implantation bleeding which was dark brown, and light pink discharge only when i wiped after peeing. I hope this answer was helpful to you. Baby dust to the both of us.

When is your due date if you conceive in may?

What is 9 months away from may? Do the math... June July August September October November December January FEBRUARY

Did Shawn killinger have a miscarriage?

Yes. On August 12th, 2014 she wrote an article discussing the unfortunate loss of her baby girl with her husband Joe due to a miscarriage. She returned to QVC on September 2nd and her spirits have remained high even with his loss.

I had a miscarriage July 15 I have had a period mid July but no period all of August The thing is my home pregnancy tests come back negative Can i still be pregnant?

It is possible that you can still be pregnant. It could be still to early to tell.