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It doesn't sound like you are pregnant, but if you are, it would show on a home pregnancy test, so you should take it.

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Q: If you had a period last month on the 16 you were 10 days late then got your period and this month you were 6 days late and had a regular period and shed the uterine lining but you still feel you migh?
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Why Does a menstrual period happen once a month?

You shed your uterine lining once every month, basically clearing the ovary of unnecessary reproductant discards.

What are the differences between a miscarriage and a period?

A miscarriage is losing a fetus accompanied by bleeding. A period is the sluffing off of the uterine lining each month when a pregnancy has NOT occurred.

Can a woman still have her period after she falls pregnant?

No. Periods stop when you are pregnant because you are not getting rid of an unused uterine lining--you are using it for nine months. Once a month, the uterine lining is prepared to receive sperm. If it doesn't, meaning that you ovulate but do not conceive, your body sloughs it off, and that's your period.

Can you get pregnant after the dnc and have not had a period for 3 years?

You need to find out why you have not had a period in three years - during a D & C, the doctor gently scrapes the lining off of the uterine wall. No period indicates the lining has not been replaced, a process that should happen during your monthly cycle. After ovulation, when an egg is released - without conception, the uterine lining is shed this is the monthly bleeding called a period. A new lining is started every month - waiting for possible implantation of a fertilized egg.

What are the reasons girls have periods?

Girls have periods as part of their menstrual cycle. When an egg is not fertilized, the egg and uterine lining is expelled from the body once a month which is known as a period.

What is the difference between losing your virginity and starting your period?

when you lose your virginity you're hymen is broken which causes you to bleed during sex because it's a tearing of skin, but when you start your period its the shedding of the uterine lining if conception hasn't occurred. it's a regular bleeding every month. you get your period when your body starts to mature and you are then able to get pregnant

What could be wrong if your period only lasted two days?

There is nothing "wrong". It is just that your period was light. Your period is the uterine lining breaking down and bleeding out of your body. It is possible that your hormone levels were low this month and the lining didn't really build up, which means that there was not much blood to come out. If it happens again the next month, see a doctor as your hormones may need a boost.

Why does menstruation occur?

When conception occurs the embryo needs the uterine lining to protect it and to build a placenta on. When the egg goes unfertilized the lining is discharged (menstruation) and a new lining starts fresh every month.

How can you tell the difference between period and uterus blood?

When you get your period it is uterus blood. Your period is the uterus shedding its lining if you do not get pregnant. All month your uterus builds up its lining for if your egg gets fertilized, and when/if it does not get fertilized, you have your period at the end of the month.

Can you be pregnant if you had a regular period last month but no period this month?

Yes, and it's a good bet that you are. No period = pregnant.

Do you still release eggs every month after ablation?

Yes, ablation is meant to stop the buildup of the uterine lining, but not to stop the function of the ovaries.

In a tubal ligation how come the egg cant be fertilized but you still have your period?

This is because the egg is only physically barred from getting through. The uterine lining still thickens and builds up during the cycle as no-one told it there was no point! Your hormones still function in the same way, producing and releasing the egg, and building the womb's lining. The period still has the function of cleaning out this thickened lining each month.

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