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It doesn't sound like you are pregnant, but if you are, it would show on a home pregnancy test, so you should take it.


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when ever you have bleeding like that and have clotting (the uterine lining) that is a sign you are not pregnant, or a sign you pregnancy is not going well go see a doctor

You shed your uterine lining once every month, basically clearing the ovary of unnecessary reproductant discards.

A miscarriage is losing a fetus accompanied by bleeding. A period is the sluffing off of the uterine lining each month when a pregnancy has NOT occurred.

You need to find out why you have not had a period in three years - during a D & C, the doctor gently scrapes the lining off of the uterine wall. No period indicates the lining has not been replaced, a process that should happen during your monthly cycle. After ovulation, when an egg is released - without conception, the uterine lining is shed this is the monthly bleeding called a period. A new lining is started every month - waiting for possible implantation of a fertilized egg.

Girls have periods as part of their menstrual cycle. When an egg is not fertilized, the egg and uterine lining is expelled from the body once a month which is known as a period.

YES YOU CAN! The bleeding is NOT YOUR PERIOD though, since a period is technically the shedding of the uterine lining and unfertilized egg. No one is really sure what causes the bleeding.

when you lose your virginity you're hymen is broken which causes you to bleed during sex because it's a tearing of skin, but when you start your period its the shedding of the uterine lining if conception hasn't occurred. it's a regular bleeding every month. you get your period when your body starts to mature and you are then able to get pregnant

There is nothing "wrong". It is just that your period was light. Your period is the uterine lining breaking down and bleeding out of your body. It is possible that your hormone levels were low this month and the lining didn't really build up, which means that there was not much blood to come out. If it happens again the next month, see a doctor as your hormones may need a boost.

When conception occurs the embryo needs the uterine lining to protect it and to build a placenta on. When the egg goes unfertilized the lining is discharged (menstruation) and a new lining starts fresh every month.

If the "worms" are dark red and not moving, I'm guessing what you're seeing are pieces of the uterine lining which sloughs off each month. If they're moving - I have no idea what's going on!

When you get your period it is uterus blood. Your period is the uterus shedding its lining if you do not get pregnant. All month your uterus builds up its lining for if your egg gets fertilized, and when/if it does not get fertilized, you have your period at the end of the month.

AnswerEach month, an egg is released from one of the ovaries. If this egg is fertilised by sperm, it becomes a fetus and implants into the uterus (womb) lining which has built up over the past month. If it is not fertilised, it starts to degrade, along with the thickened lining of the uterus, which begins to detach from the uterus wall. The egg and lining both need to leave the body, which is what is happening during your period. As the lining detaches, blood vessels rupture and this is why there is bleeding.AnswerIt means your body is cycling through the normal period of readying itself for a fertilized egg and then sloughing off the uterine lining when no fertlized egg is present. This monthly time of bleeding is referred to as having your period.

Yes, and it's a good bet that you are. No period = pregnant.

When you donate blood, the clinics usually test for anemia. If you are usually healthy and active during your periods, you should have no problem. Remember that a period isn't bleeding from your bloodstream, it's shedding the uterine lining that has built up during the month.

This is because the egg is only physically barred from getting through. The uterine lining still thickens and builds up during the cycle as no-one told it there was no point! Your hormones still function in the same way, producing and releasing the egg, and building the womb's lining. The period still has the function of cleaning out this thickened lining each month.

A period (more technically known as a menstrual cycle) is the result of hormonal changes occurring in your body on a regular basis as your body prepares itself for the possibility of carrying a child. Every month, your body produces a hormone called estrogen, the purpose of which is to produce an egg from your ovaries and to build a fertile lining in your uterus to support the egg if it is fertilized. After the egg is released from the ovary, it travels into the fallopian tube into the uterus, where if you have had sex, it may be fertilized and attach to the uterine lining, where it will grow into a baby. The space where the egg was becomes a luteal cyst and begins to secrete progesterone, which keeps the lining of the uterus healthy for the growing baby. If the egg is unfertilized, after a few days the progesterone hormone levels fall and the uterine lining begins to weaken and shed, what you know as your "period."

The withdrawal bleeding you have is not likely to be heavier, as the ring prevented buildup of the uterine lining, as usual. Any amount of bleeding or spotting counts as a withdrawal bleed when you're on NuvaRing.

Every month the uterine lining is prepared for the pregnancy. Every month it is shed up. Changing of the lining is routine phenomena all over the body. The pregnancy is supposed to be the most precious lining. You can not expect the nature to use the same ling for years together, when the fresh one can be made available easily.

Menstruation follows ovulation when there is no fertilized ova to implant in the uterine lining. If your periods are erratic most likely ovulation is erratic too. Depending on your age a doctor may want to put you on birth control pills for a couple months in an attempt to make your cycles more regular.

Nope not at all! you can however bleed during your first month. if you body does not drop clots then you are prego fo sho! the clots are the utrial lining that was forming for the babys home. but it sluffs off(like every normal period) then you are not preggsters!

Ovulation doesn't cause your period. Menstruation is caused by the release of the lining on your uterus wall, which builds up every month and has to be released every month when a fertilized egg has not been embedded in the lining.

because the egg is not needed so the lining of the stomach is not needed to protect the egg. The lining breaks down and this is a period.

It is probably not going to be your period. Bleeding during pregnancy usually occurs in a sequence (if there is bleeding) 1)implantation bleeding (occurs when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine lining) 2) cervical changes which causes vaginal bleeding or 3) a miscarriage.

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