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  • You are probably not pregnant as a blood test is much more accurate than a urine test. It is unusual though that the urine pregnancy test showed a positive because usually if results are wrong it is usually false negatives as the pregnancy hormone wasn't detected yet. If I were you, I would take another urine test to be sure, maybe the one you took was defective. All in all, I bet you are not pregnant. Hope you get the results you are looking for.
  • The HPT's that are made these days will not show a positive test if you do not have HCG hormone in your body. Only pregnany ,some hormone supplements, and some medications can affect the test reading and provide a positive response. If you are not taking medicine, are not on hormone replacement therapy, then the test has percieved the pregnancy hormone HcG-you are pregnant or were pregnant.
  • I called my obsterician after I received a positive result from a home pregnancy test, and my doctor told me that the home pregnancy tests that are out there are in fact pretty accurate, and that if the test was positive then the hcg hormone was detected no matter how faint the line was, and that I should assume that I was pregnant. I had my tubes tied on Febuary 2,2005. My doctors have said that sometimes the fertilized egg can seep through the fallopian tubes even though they have been tied. I guess it goes to show that no Birth Control is full proof. I have 4 girls and I guess that we're getting ready to have number 5.
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Q: If you had a tubal ligation but a home pregnancy test comes back positive could you be pregnant?
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What does it mean when your pregnancy test comes up right away positive?

You are really pregnant

How can you tell when your girl is pregnant?

If a pregnancy test comes out positive. Although, pregnancy tests aren't always 100% accurate.

How do you know if your mum is pregnant?

When there is no menstruation,pregnancy test comes out positive,baby in the ultrasound and heartbeat of the baby.

How could you get pregnant with your tubes tied?

YOU CANT!!!! once you get em tied that's ITANS2:You can get pregnant by artificial implantation (test tube baby) if your uterus is still functional. So far as tubal ligation goes for avoiding pregnancy, it isn't perfect. This quote comes from the attached link.The failure rate for tubal ligation is slightly higher at about 2 percent which translates into a risk of pregnancy occurring following tubal ligation of about 1 pregnancy in 1000 women who've undergone this procedure.

If its been a week after a miscarriage and you take a pregnancy test and it comes back positive are you be pregnant?

Not necessarily. The hormones that make a pregnancy test read positive stay in your body for a little while after a miscarriage.

How accurate are ClearBlue pregnancy tests?

The ClearBlue pregnancy tests are 95% of the time accurate. If it comes back positive, then you are definitely pregnant, however if it comes back negative you may still be pregnant, so you may have to take it again in a few days.

How do you know if I'm pregnant or just stressed?

If a pregnancy test comes out positive you are pregnant. That is your best way to tell because stress can often cause you to miss your period.

What if you take 2 pregnancy test one comes out positive and the other comes out negative?

Wait a few days and take another test. If you still aren't sure, go see a doctor. But odds are, if you got one positive, you're pregnant. It's very unlikely to get a positive and not be pregnant. It's more common to get a negative and be pregnant.

Are you pregnant if you took a pregnancy test and then your pregnant friend pees on it after you and it comes up positive?

Unfortunately there is no clear or accurate way to tell which person (yourself or your friend) is pregnant. A pregnancy test may only be used once. You and your friend need to purchase 2 separate pregnancy tests and use one each. Read the instructions prior to this, and you will find out if you're pregnant. If the test turns positive, then you must make a appointment with your doctor to confirm the pregnancy.

How early a pregnancy test comes positive?

Typical pregnancy tests become positive ten to twelve days after sex.

Can you still be pregnant if you had an irregular period and you have symptoms of pregnancy but a pregnancy test was positive then took another one and it was negative?

It is very rare that a pregnancy test would come up positive if you weren't pregnant, because it detected HGC in your urine. In most cases if a HPT is wrong it comes up negative. If your period was irregular and you had a positive result you are most likely pregnant. I would try another test, or go see a doctor and request a blood test.

What if your pregnancy test comes up error then positive?

Perform another pregnancy test

If you are 35 years old and had your tubes cut and burned 9 years ago and had your period the entire time but this month only had spotting could you be pregnant?

If your tubal ligation was successful, it is highly unlikely that you would be pregnant. You could try taking an at home pregnancy test. If it comes out positive you need to see your doctor. If it comes out negative, you could wait another month to see if you get your next period. If you do, OK. If you don't, you should see your doctor.

If your pregnancy test comes back positive but one line is faint and you havent missed your period could you be pregnant?

Not likely, but another test wouldn't hurt.

How does a woman comes to know she is pregnant?

by taking a pregnancy test

If you have had three faintly positive pregnancy tests and your period is three days late are you pregnant?

You could be pregnant. Consider waiting another 4-5 days to see if your period comes. If it does not, see your doctor for a Urinary Pregnancy Test for verification. Your doctor will advise you with pre-natal care.

How many periods do you miss to find out your pregnant?

A missed period, or amenorrhea, is a very poor indicator of pregnancy. A missed period may be simply due to stress, or a sudden change in life style. If you think that you may be pregnant the best thing to do is to either take a home pregnancy test, or consult your physician. But please remember that a positive pregnancy is only considered a probable sign of pregnancy. The only positive signs of pregnancy are audible fetal heartbeats, fetal movement felt by an examiner, and ultrasound visualization of a fetus. So if your test comes back positive you may not actually be pregnant, and the same logic is true of a negative pregnancy test.This link may be helpful to you.

What are some symptoms that show you could possibly be pregnant?

Well to start have you missed a period? If so for how long? Are you on birth control? If you are on birth control you're not pregnant. If you are not on birth control take a pregnancy test, start there if it comes back positive go to your OBGYN and have them take a blood pregnancy test that will definitely tell you if you are or you aren't. Pregnancy symptoms don't mean squat half the time anymore. Half the women who have pregnancy symptoms turn out not to be pregnant.

How do you differentiate pregnancy nausea from actually being sick or can't you?

You differentiate pregnancy nausea from non-pregnancy nausea by taking a pregnancy test. And if it comes out negative your "not" pregnant.

If you missed your period for 2 months then came on bleeding heavy are you pregnant?

I would go and get a home pregnancy test, take it, If it comes back positive, obviously youre pregnant.f it comes back negative, go to a doctor ASAP.

If your period comes soon how do you know if you are pregnant?

You wait. If you have your period, you're not pregnant. If you don't, then you have to buy a pregnancy test to find out if you're pregnant or not.

How it is possible for some one to test negative on a simple urine test and positive on the standard test?

Pregnancy tests measure the level of hcg in your body. When you are pregnant, and as your pregnancy progresses, your hcg level rises. When you take a urine pregnancy test and it comes back negative, the level of hcg is not high enough to register on the test. When the quantitative serum pregnancy test is positive, it is a more acurate reading of how far along in your pregnancy you actually are.

Has anyone gotten pregnant from Mirena birth control how did thy know?

No birth control method, save abstinence, is 100% effective. If, after a light or missed period, you take a pregnancy test and it comes back positive, you're probably pregnant.

Why would tubal ligation not prevent pregnancy?

Failure can happen if the cut ends of the tubes grow back together; if the tube was not completely cut or blocked off; if a plastic clip or rubber band is loose or comes off; or if the woman was already pregnant at the time of surgery.

If you had intercourse and semen comes out of you could you still be pregnant?

If sperm makes it into you, then you can get pregnant. Any amount of sperm can cause pregnancy.