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you might have an infection, probably no big deal, but you should go to the doctor and get it checked out.

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What does brown discharge with a light period mean?

You might be pregnant

What does it mean when you have brown discharge in your underwear and on the tissue when you wipe is it your period?

The brown discharge is a sign that your next period is coming.

What does it mean if you have brown discharge and then it goes to white discharge?

Brown is period. white is normal.

What does it mean if 3 days after your period you start spotting light pink discharge?

what does it mean you start to have a light pink discharge after your period

What does brown discharge during your period mean?

that it is ending

What does brown discharge with a little blood mean?

what mean when you have light pink blood then few hours latter you have brown discharge

What does it mean if you normal bleeding red then at the end of period get brown discharge what does that mean?

When you have brown discharge near the end of your period that just means that your period is almost done it does not mean that there's something wrong with you it's normal.

What does it mean if your discharge is brown?

Your period is a few days away.

What could it mean cramping and brown discharge after period?

cramps after a period are a regular thing. But having brown discharge?? You should probaly go see a doctor about it.

What does brown blood mean if youre on your period?

Brown blood is just blood that has taken time to leave your vagina so turned brown and mixed with your discharge. Brown blood doesn't mean anything other than that your flow is light so taking time to leave your body. It's normal to see brown discharge at the start and at the end of your period.

Is the brown discharge mean that your next period is coming?

Brown discharge is spotting, light bleeding taking time to leave your body and mixing with discharge. Spotting can occur as your period starts, or it can be a result of many other things such as mid-cycle spotting around ovulation due to irregular hormones.

What does it mean when a preteen girl has brown discharge before her period?


When a brown vaginal discharge comes out does that mean that i still have my period?

Yes, the brown disacharge could mean you're still on your period. This is known as spotting, when blood mixes with discharge, this is most common around the start and end of your period.

What does it mean if you had you had a normal period the month before and then the next month when it's due there is only a light brown vaginal discharge?

This could mean your pregnant or you have a UTI.

What does it mean when you have light bleeding cramping an light brown discharge?

These could be pregnancy symptoms. Wait until your period is due and take a home pregnancy test to confirm.

This morning I woke up with a light brown discharge with little dark brown pieces in it. What does this mean?

this can simply mean that you are starting your period, or that you have a bacterial infection. if it persists, see a gynecologist. read my bio!

What does it mean when you have brown discharge and severe pain in your lower ab area?

your on your period

What does it mean for a girl to have brown discharge before her period?

Your body is just giving you a hint that you are about to start your period.

What does it mean if having brown discharge and your period is late?

This is probably just your period starting late. Often at the start and end of the period the blood is brown in colour.

What does it mean when you get brown discharge before your first period?

Brown discharge is known as spotting, it's caused when there is light bleeding which mixes with discharge and because the bleeding is so light it takes time to leave the vagina so thus becomes brown in colour. This can be a sign you're starting your period, but it can also happen due to hormonal imbalance while your body readies itself to start ovulating (and in turn start menstruating).

If you have spotting 2 weeks after intercourse and then get ovulation discharge does it mean you are not pregnant?

I had light brown spotting and discharge and I was pregnant.

What does it mean if you have brown in your underwear I am 13 and I havent had my first period and I found brown discharge in my underwear that looked like poop almost What does this mean?

This could be the beginning of your first period.

Is it normal to only get the brown discharge instead of your period for the last two months for a virgin teenager?

yes its normal , if your period is late you can have brown discharge also it happens after periods and it mean its cleaning out your vagina and old blood looks brown.

Is light pink and brown discharge normal if so what does it mean?

Could be implantation bleeding, or just old and new blood mix.

What does brown vaginal discharge mean?

its your period mosty likely. if you havent started it yet, you have. if you have, its normal