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Q: If you had mumps at a very young age does that make you in fertile?
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When the female is not fertile?

If she's already old or very young

How was mumps first used?

Mumps wasn't used as anything. Mumps is a disease, and was at first very lethal.

Is there any good things about volcanoes?

The soil is very fertile. The soil is very fertile. they can make islands like Hawaii. (;

Mumps cause infertility?

Yes, it is possible that mumps can cause infertility. Most people don't know it, but the mumps can be a very serious disease.

How many people die from mumps each year?

Very, very few people die from the mumps; less than 50 in the US each year. Getting the mumps used to be very common, but now there are less then 1,000 cases in the US each year. Rarely any mumps cases are deadly.Only about 70 people die each year from mumps

Is the mumps caused by a virus or bacterium?

Mumps is caused by a paramyxovirus.Mumps is caused by mumps virus and not bacteria. It has got a very long incubation period of about 3 weeks.

Can you die from the mumps?

You can die of mumps but very rarely. This can cause acute pancreatitis and viral encephalitis, which can be fatal at times.

Can you get mumps twice?

yes but there is a very small chance you will get it twice. mostly you will gain a life long immunity to the mumps

Where can you be exposed to mumps?

When you come in contact with a patient of mumps, you can catch the same. There is very long incubation period for the mumps, as compared to other viral infections. That is about three weeks.

Who will make the crop circles?

They're the products of fertile young minds, often college students. Please don't indulge yourself though, it's very costly to the farmer (victim).

Why is the soil in the Taiga not very fertile?

whay are soils in taiga regions not very fertile

Can you die from mumps?

yes you can die from mumps but it very uncommon, only about 50 people in the US die each year.

How contagious are the mumps?

Very contagious if you haven't been immunized.

How common are the mumps?

very common in places like India.

Which river has made assam very fertile?

River Brahmaputra has made Assam very fertile.

What was the region of Mesopotamia known as the fertile Crescent?

Because it was very fertile

How fertile are you after giving birth?

Very fertile! So use protection.

Why is volcanic soil so fertile?

volcanic soil is so fertile because it has silica which is very fertile.

Is there any chances of getting pregnancy after mumps?

Yes, it is very likely.

How do you know if the girls is fertile and infertile?

If you assume she is fertile, you will have very few problems.

How do volcanic eruptions help the earth in a positive way?

It make the soil very fertile and good for growing

Why are Ganga-Brahmaputra basin very fertile?

it is because the rivers bring very fertile soil called alluvium which is best for agriculture,then the soil is deposited on the plain and theLplain is thats whty very fertile.

Why are mumps dangerous for boys?

Mumps may affect the adolescents and adults, at times. It may lead to epididymo orchitis and is very painful. At times this leads to sterility.

How do decomposer help make the soil fertile?

decomposers help make soil more fertile by making the burrows and hole in the soil which soil more air. decomposers also eat your organic waste which leaves humus. humus is a very fertile substance that is good to plant a seed in.

Can a male dog breed at 7 months?

It is possible a male dog is fertile at 7 months, although this is very young to be deliberately breeding a dog.