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I see your point. Do you see the other side's point?? Unless someone has a pic and/or witnesses saying the tires were on the car at the time of repo, its you said-they said. Yes, crooked repo companies have been known to swap items while cars were in their care. FWIW, call the LENDER and fuss as needed. Maybe they will investigate and make retribution. They are ultimately responsible for your car while the repo co. has it. good luck

I have heard of the "LOOK". LOL I have also had people swear they had $6500.00 CASH in the car when I repoed it and lo and behold now its GONE. Of course, they couldn't come up with any reciepts to show they had ever had 6500 cash, sooo? Go Figure. just rem, up to a certain point, you catch mo flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

To answer "What can you do?"

....You can keep your eyes open for a good rotate/balance special!

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Can you drive a smart car on the highway?

Ofcourse you can, you can drive any car in the highway. It's a car.

If a person has a drivers license can they drive on the highway?

can a person temporarily drive a tractor on a highway with a driver license

What is a lane?

it is where you drive in the highway

How long will it take the drive to the moon?

This can only be done in theory and not in practice, but it should take about six months to travel to the moon at highway speeds nonstop.

Can you drive on a highway in ny with a permit?

You can drive on the highway in New York with a permit. You have to be accompanied by a licensed driver in order to do so.

What highway takes you to Ottawa from sudbury?

Highway # 17, the Trans Canada Highway. Is about a five hour drive.

How far is the drive in hours from Saint Petersburg FL to Perry Highway PA?

It is about an 18 hour drive to Perry Highway in Pittsburgh.

Is it legal to drive a farm tractor on the highway?

It is legal to drive a tractor on the highway as long as you are going directly on the side to where you will take it and do your work.

Can you drive on the highway with a broken window?

Yes, you can drive a car on the highway with a broken window, assuming parts of the window aren't still falling off.

How can you drive to Wagga Wagga from Canberra?

Easily; in a car, on the road. Or Hume highway>National Highway

How old do you have to be to drive on the interstate or highway?

In the United State of America you have to be at least 16 years of age to drive on the interstate or highway. This may very in different states

Can you drive KUBOTA rtv on the highway?

You cannot legally drive a Kubota RTV on any public roads. Whether it's the interstate, highway, backroad, etc.

What is the newest highway in America?

As of the year 2012, Texas has the newest highway in America. This highway even allows drivers to drive 85 MPH.

Can you drive highway with N license in BC?

There are no restrictions on where you can drive (unless otherwise noted).

Can you drive a 49cc motorcycle on the highway?

You have to study the local rules. I think 49cc motorbike is not allowed on the highway.

Are the forces balanced or unbalanced when a car is setting off?

Unbalanced. The rotational force upon the drive wheels must be greater than the force of inertia in order for the car to begin moving.

Will it hurt your 2001 ram 1500 to be driven in 2 high on the high way?

2 high, is 2 wheel drive which is where you should be when driving on the highway.2 high, is 2 wheel drive which is where you should be when driving on the highway.

Why drive with hazards on?

When you are a hazard to other drivers: Drive too slow on highway Problem with vehicle

How do you get on and off the autobond in Germany?

I guess you mean the Autobahn. You just drive on it, like you drive on a Highway.

How long is it to drive 416 miles?

It depends on how fast you drive. If you drive on a highway at 60 mph it will take about 7 hours.

Do you need a license to drive a sandwich?

You only need a license to drive a sandwich if the sandwich is motorized and you intend to drive it on a highway.

Can you drive a snowplow legally on a highway?

No. Not unless you have been hired by the county to plow snow from the highway to clear it for drivers.

What is the difference between a road and a route?

A highway is what you drive on. The route is how you get there.

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