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It could be appendicitis, gas or IBS.


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I am 4 weeks pregnant and feel a little heavy in the lower abdomen, but feel huge and bloated after i eat. Right after my period was due my boobs started to kill me and starting to pee alot.

Well, she isn't pregnant, but I don't know who started the rumor.

It is unlikely that you are pregnant if you started your period straight after sex

For myself, I've started to feel some tightness, but nothing is visable. In my family first pregnancies hardly show so I think a lot depends on your family history

I am 20 years old and pregnant with twins. This is my first pregnancy and I started to feel some fetal movement at 17w. It wasn't strong or very frequent, but it was definitely there. It felt like butterflies in my lower abdomen. I'm not 22w pregnant, and they kick me all over!

Yes you can if you have started ovulating. Girls get pregnant younger then that.

If she has started having periods (menstruating) then she can get pregnant.

no a toddler can not get pregnant as you have to have started your periods before you can become pregnant

If it was safe and your period started, then it's unlikely that you're pregnant

no. you cannot have your cycle and be pregnant at the same time.

If she has started ovulating she could get pregnant from intercourse. can only get pregnant when you've started menstruating. So if you have sex before your period starts, you won't get pregnant. But I'm not saying it's the best idea, either.

It sounds like it broke on exactly the right day to get you pregnant. however if your periods started as normal you are probably OK, However it is not unheard of that the periods started even while pregnant.

A woman can get pregnant at any age. If a girl started her period at the age of 8 and she has sex, she can get pregnant.

Yes they can if they have started ovulating.

If you have started ovulating and menstruating, yes.

yes, its very likely she is pregnant, just make sure she has plenty of food and water at all times and is not stressed, if you are worried take her to the vet or call for advice.

You can still have a period even though you are pregnant, my mother did.

Most likely if you have a normal period on time you are not pregnant.

Any woman who has started their menstrual cycle can become pregnant.

ANY girl regardless of what she is can get pregnant if she has sex with a boy if she has started puberty.

Yes. If your menstrual cycle has started, it means that you are ovulating, and therefore you can get pregnant.

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