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Do you know what squirrels gather? NUTS! That's exactly what you will be if you take this chance. Get off the garbage that just because YOU ARE MAN it gives you the right to cheat on someone you care about! It's not true! Remember, if you cheat on her and she finds out, (and she will) you could lose someone you care about a lot and NEVER get them back. Read some of the postings on this board if you don't believe me. Everyone (women/men) often see someone that is sexy and sometimes we even may make a comment, but, "look, don't touch!" If you feel the need to act out having sex with a sexy looking girl and just not be happy with fantasizing about it then you are immature, a rotter, not worth the air you are breathing and do this girlfriend of yours a favor and hit the bricks! Be a man, and work through your relationship. Sex doesn't make a man a man, nor a woman a woman! THE HEAD OF THE SNAKE ALWAYS TURNS AROUND AND BITES YOU IN THE BUTT (Meaning: If you fool around on your girlfriend and think you can get away with it 99% of the time you won't and you could lose the love of your life!) Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-10-21 19:31:56
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Q: If you had someone you really liked would you cheat on her just because you are a man and just because some sexy girl offered you sex?
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How do you cheat on carnegie?

there is really no way in cheating because if someone made this for school education purposes i dont think they would put any cheat codes on it.

How do you get over an ex when they are falling for someone else?

if you know that then why dont you get someone else that really likes you that would never cheat on you

Does someone have mediafire link for hellquest 0.9 exe download?

Wow....Your really gonna cheat for stuff because your too lazy to do it legit...Wow what is wrong with this world

How do you get over someone you love even though they cheated on you?

if you know that then why dont you get someone else that really likes you that would never cheat on you

Did Selena Gomez cheat on someone?

no she did not cheat

Why did Jordan cheat on emily?

jordan cheated on emily because he kissed someone else

How do you tell a coworker's wife he wants to cheat?

He wants to cheat - is it with you, if you were propositioned be sure to way your pros and cons as you will be ruining a marriage and possibly family. If you found out he wants to cheat with someone then that really is none of your business and its best not to get involved.

Do all men cheat in a long distance relationship if they say they love you and are engaged to you?

yeah. .all men are born to be liars and cheaters No. If you really love someone, you won't cheat on them.

How do you cheat on Reality TV?

You can't really 'cheat' on it

How can you make your girlfriend not cheat on you?

Keep them busy and happy , they may also just cheat on you because they don't like you that much, but if they do cheat on you there are many other girls out there and you may just find someone that is perfect.

Did Emma Watson cheat in school?

No, I think she's trying her best to not cheat in school because she studies really hard and get straight A's from prek to college.

What can you do to help your employee learn his job really fast?

Cheat sheet are wonderful to help someone learn a new job

What do you call someone who has cheated another is it a cheat or a cheater?

cheater. when someone talks about hacks or glitches, that is like cheat

Is it possible to truly love someone but still cheat?

Its possible because love endures all things.

What does the it mean when you have a dream you're c heating on your boyfriend?

Maybe you have an attraction to someone else and you are going to cheat on him. Maybe you want to cheat on your boyfriend because you're not completely satisfied with him. Just saying--never cheat. Ever.

Do men cheat because of lack of attention?

Men cheat for many reasons. Some cheat for the pleasure and excitement of the act. Some cheat because of encouragement from others. Some cheat because of unfulfilled sexual desires. Some cheat because of unhappy relationships. Some cheat to compensate for personal (emotional) weakness.

How can you convince a player to have a serious relationship with you?

you really even shouldn't do that if he is a player, because he is just going to cheat on you.!!!!!!!!

Does Tulisa's man really believe she doesn't cheat?

Yes he does because he's not as gullible as most people.

What does if they cheat with you then they'll cheat on you mean?

If he cheated on someone else with you, then you are next.

Why some women cheat on their partner?

Because they found someone that treat them better or because the person that they are dating is hot but the other guy is hotter

Would your fiance cheat on you because you work a lot?

i dont think they would think "oh theyre working alot tonight, im going to cheat on them" i think they could possibly get lonely and someone might be there for them when youre not. hopefully they dont cheat on you, but when someone's lonely and someone else pays attention to them, anything can happen :/

How do you get cheats for my meebas?

i really dont think can cheat cheat on meeba

What is the bunny i am learning cheat code?

Really funny ! The cheat code is : *********** that is why you never find the cheat code

Why does women cheat on there boyfriends but truly in love with them?

If you were TRULY in love with your man, you wouldn't think twice about laying eyes on another!! I believe you can really care about someone, but fall for anothers affections but this means that you are not really 'in love' with your boyfriend. to love someone is to cherish someone and the moment you cheat is when you hurt them, & yourself included. if you desire another mans affections, then now is the time to reconsider your true feelings for you apparent true love! Be honest with yourself, and if you really do feel as though you are in love, sort it out!! Its simple, Don't Cheat.

Is there a money cheat for mini life?

well not really tou must work for your money, because youll need it well not really tou must work for your money, because youll need it

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