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With fat transfer and careful liposuctioning around the depressed area, you may be able to improve the irregularity.


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different area filling techniqes in computer graphics are boundary filling and flood filling. By using both techniques we can fill the whole area.

boundary filling and flood filling

To treat a cavity or cracked tooth a filling is used to fill the area of the tooth where the decayed material was removed or where the tooth is cracked. There are several filling materials available including gold, porcelain, silver amalgam, plastic, and resin.

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Dentists charge different prices and if you get a silver filling it is cheaper then a white filling. You should be able to call different dentist offices in your area and they can give you an estimate.

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The dentist will usually give you a local anesthetic to numb the area. The decay (caries) is removed with a drill until no decay is present. Depending on the depth of the decay, the dentist will drill into the area of the tooth until no more decay is present. Then a sedative is placed in the cavity space, then a permanent restoration is placed, usually a white colored filling (Resin) or a silver filling (amalgam). The dentist will contour the filling to your bite and that's it. Pretty easy and painless. You may be told not to eat on that side of your mouth for a few hours to allow the filling to set and also you will be numb. You need to be careful about not biting your lip, cheek or tongue while you are numb. The anesthesia wears off in a few hours.

due to space constrain, back filling is not required in this area.

Carefully wash the afflicted surface so that the area is clean and completely sanitized. Slowly cut off and remove the skin around the pimpled area. The pimple, and any future chance of recurrence, will forever be removed from your skin. WARNING: May cause minor scarring.

Enamel is what protects the tooth, when your tooth needs a filling, it is because that enamel is no longer in that area. As you have no enamel where your filling was, it is highly likely that the hole will get bigger. It's much better to get it filled again to prevent further problems.

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