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The expected value is the number of tosses times the probability of tails, so:

E(number of tails) = 52 * 1/2 = 52/2 = 26

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What is the probability that at least one coin will be tails?

The answer depends on how many coins were tossed.

What is the probability of obtaining tails or a six?

The answer depends on the experiment: how many coins are tossed, how often, how many dice are rolled, how often.

If a coin has been tossed three times and it has landed on heads what are the chances that it will be tails on the next toss?

The odds that a tossed coin will land tails side down remain one in two no matter how many times the coin has previously been tossed.

What is a probability of getting a two tails in first two chances if coin is tossed 10 times simultaneously?

The probability of getting two tails in the first two is 1/4. And it does not matter how many more times the coins are tossed after the first two tosses.

How many simple events are in the sample space when three coins are tossed?

There are 4 events: 3 heads, 2 heads 1 tail, 1 head 2 tails, and 3 tails.

How many possible outcomes are there when 4 fair coins are tossed at once?

If you know which coin is which, there are 16possible outcomes.If you're only counting the number of Heads and Tails, there are 5 .

When a quarter is tossed four times How many times are exactly three tails tossed?

Out of the 16 possible outcomes for a coin tossed four times, 4 of them result in 3 Tails & 1 Head. They are: TTTH, TTHT, THTT, and HTTT.

If you toss three coins 240 times how many times can you expect the coins to have three tails showing?

If we toss three coins 240 times, how many times can we expect the coins to have three tails showing?

Five coins are tossed how many outcomes are there?

The total number of outcomes is 2^5 = 32.

How many possible outcomes would there be if thirty two coins were tossed once?

Since each coin would have the outcome with Heads and Tails: Then among the 32 coins, we can have the possible outcomes from no Heads, 1 Head, 2 Heads, ....... , 31 Heads, 32 Heads. Therefore we would have 33 outcomes.

How many possible outcomes when tossing 3 coins?

three heads two head, one tails one heads, two tails three tails

How many outcomes are possible if 10 coins are tossed together?

I believe there would be 11 possible outcomes!

If you toss a coin 48 times how many times is it likely to land tails up?

There are two answers to this question. If it can only land on heads or tails up, then there is a 50% chance ( or half a chance) it will land heads up, but that's not necessarily true. But, if it can land on heads, tails, or sides, then there is a 16% chance it will land tails up.

How many possible outcomes would there be if four coins were tossed once?

there could be five possible outcomes: t= tails h= heads t t t t 4 tails t t t h 3 tails 1 head t t h h 2 tails 2 heads t h h h 1 tail 3 heads h h h h 4 heads

If you toss a penny a nickel and a quarter and a dime how many possible outcomes?

Each coin has two possible outcomes, either Heads or Tails. Then the number of outcomes when all 4 coins are tossed is, 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 16.

If you toss a fair coin 250 times about how many times should it land on tails?

If you toss a fair coin 250 times , about how many times should it land on tails?

Four coins are tossed. How many outcomes are possible?

8 outcomes are possible in this situtation. You just have to multiply 4 by 2 to get the answer.

How many possible outcomes for flipping 2 coins?

Assuming the coins are fair, two-sided coins, and landing on their sides is not an option, there are four possible outcomes if you consider coin a having a head and coin b having a tail being a different instance from coin a being a tail and coin be having a head. Here they are; Coin A | Coin B Heads | Tails Heads | Heads Tails....| Heads Tails....| Tails

How many outcomes are possible if you toss n coins?

There are three possibilities, Heads, Tails and stand on edge

When three coins are tossed how many times out of 100 would you expect the result to be either three heads or three tails?

Each coin has 2 outcomes. Either being heads or tails. Take the outcome of each coin to the root of the number of coins. (1/2)^3 = .125 = 12.5% or a 1 in 8 chance. Take .125 and times it by 100 to get the probability out off 100 times. .125 x 100 = .125 which = 12.5%= 1 in 8 chance

How many times will a paper cup land on its side when tossed every day for a year?

It depends on how often it is thrown, but it will usually land on its side about 98% of the time.

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