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Anxiety and stress can cause a change in your cycle.

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Q: If you had two periods on the 3rd and 15th of the month could it have been caused by mental pressure?
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How is mental health caused?

Entail health can be caused from bullying or it could have happened in your mothers uterus , if that is the case then you bestest go ask her why your mental.

Could you be pregnant if you usually have regular periods and for the past couple of months it's been irregular?

Maybe. Irregular periods can be caused by many factors. Stress, sickness, are just two factors that could result in irregular periods.

What muscle condition could be caused by long periods of immobility?

Long periods of immobility can cause muscle atrophy. This means that the muscles become weaker and thinner from disuse.

How does peer pressure affect your mental health?

It can affect what your thoughts are and could possibly drive you to the point of insanity.

How can your family and peers influence your mental and emotional health?

Well for one thing it could be peer pressure.

Can i get charged with gbh if i have a mental illness?

Certainly. Mental illness is not automatically an excuse for breaking the law. In fact, some of your problems could be caused -- or exaggerated -- by that or other drugs.

Is biplolar hereditary?

There isn't a proven link but research is starting to show that mental ilnesses could be caused by a faulty gene- so yes bipolar could be hediatry- but mental illnesses being hediatry is rather rare

Is it normal to have light bleeding a week after a missed period or could it mean your pregnant?


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Dizziness can be caused by many of things. It could be caused by sickness, been pregnant or high blood pressure.

What does it mean if you have constant periods but no ending to them?

This could be caused by stress, but if this has happened repeatedly, you really should see a doctor. It could be a symptom of a major underlying medical issue.

Your periods was 6 weeks late could you be pregnant?

my periods was 6 weeks late and i light periods could i be pregrant

How can mental ilness be caused?

mental illness isnt a brief matter, it can cause huge troubleness leading to danger. mental illness isnt a short time sickness, it is a long time sickness. MW could hav been in your body since you were young.

Could you be pregnant if you skipped a month and a half only to have heavy bleeding?

It can be caused my irregular periods or the pill if you are worried go see a doctor

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There are many reasons why people get nose bleeds. These nosebleeds could be caused by sickness and by differences in pressure.

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This could be caused by to much drinking or smoking, or it could be a sign of the fact you need more sleep. Another alternative could be that you have been diagnosed with RMTS (recuring mental trauma syndrome)

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Pressure behind the ear with numbness in and around the face could be cause by anything. It could be caused by an allergic reaction, high blood pressure, medication side effects and more. If the problem is an issue it is best to see a doctor.Ê

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