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Dear Reader; I trust you meant November where you said October again. If that is the case and your body clock is somewhat acurate then the day would be the 13th. Dwight

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Why was religion important in middle ages?

it is important, because poor people needed help and so the churches can help them become one of them to be protected

When did Edison middle school become a middle school?

Edison middle school became a middle school when it was built. Because they built the middle school to become a middle school.

What city in MS protected the middle part of the MS river?


What happened before the middle ages?

Before the Middle Ages was Anquity.

Who was protected under Hammurabi's code of laws?

The rich, the middle class and the slave.

Why was all fate decided by trial by ordeal in the middle ages?

The belief then during the Middle Ages was that he who has not done wrong will be protected by the gods and that by doing the trial by ordeal, the innocent ones would survive the ordeal as they will be protected by the gods.

When did slavery become an issue The start of the war middle or the end.?

slavery became an issue many years before the civil war.

Who gave protection to the serfs?

During the middle ages serfs worked for their lords and that is who protected them.

How were castles in the Middle Ages protected?

With moats,bridges, big walls, and many guards

What did the diversity of the middle colonies lead to-?

With the new arrivals came various religions which were protected in the Middle Colonies by written freedom of religion laws.

How did castle's stay protected during the middle ages?

most of the time medieval castles were protected because they were on hills or surrounded by moats so that it was harder for the enemy to attack!

How did castles impact the middle ages?

They gave a chance for all the residants to be protected and under power

What did the baron do in the middle ages?

The barons provied land for the knights and the knight protected the barons and peasants

When did mean become a word?

It entered the English language sometime before the year 900. In Middle English it was "menen", and in Old English it was "mǣnan".

What is alex p keaton's middle name?

I think the "P" stands for "peace". The two parents were hippies before they become regular Ohio parents.

Why is the middle part of the flame hottest?

Around a flame is the atmosphere, which is cooler. The part of a flame able to get the hottest, then, is the part in the middle that is most protected from the outside cold, so the middle part of the flame is hottest.

What were castles used for in middle ages?

The castles were used as a residence, but they were heavily fortified. They were well protected from invasion.

How does the Aurora affect us?

Aurora does not affect us , We a protected by the earths shield. -Slauson Middle School . !

When is the national anthem played in a football game before or in the middle?


Was Burns Middle School A Prision Before it was a middle school?


Was the Middle Ages before or after the Renaissance?

The Renaissance came after the Middle Ages.

When did jesters become popular?

in middle age

What was before the renaissance?

The Middle Ages was the time before the Renaissance.

How was the middle class different after the Industrial Revolution than it was before?

Before the Industrial Revolution, Europe had a small middle class. After the Industrial Revolution, the middle class greatly grew.

During the middle ages why did some women become?

Please clarify your question. Become what?