If you had your eyebrow piercing for only a month how long will it take to close?


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It would take a matter of a few hours for the piercing to shrink then maybe a day for it to start to knit closed.

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If you have had the piercing long enough that it does not close up on it's own then you are really out of luck.

An eyebrow piercing is a hole in your eyebrow. So long as you leave the jewellery in the piercing until it's fully healed the formation of scar tissue will not happen because the body is forming skin not scar tissue.

He's had his eyebrow piercing since he was 14 and his tongue piercing when he was 12.

A new eyebrow piercing hurts for about 1-2 weeks and it takes 6-8 weeks to heal completely.

Whichever you want. I would get the lip piercing first. Its a bit easier to care for and you can learn before you try to handle an eyebrow piercing. Eyebrow piercings are surface piercings so you have to be really careful with them so that they don't reject. As long as you're comfortable with the risks of both, I wold get the lip piercing.

yes, yes you can as long as you sterilze it

It depends on where the piercing is. If it's in your nose then if will take a couple hours to close; if it's in your ear then probably a day or two.

6~8 weeks for a light heal, a full year for a seasoned piercing.

It depends on how long you have had the piercing. if its new about a couple mins to an hour maybe depends on the body part you put the piercing. if you had it for a while it could take a couple days to close or a month

If the piercing is 24 hours old it will close quite quickly (generally a few days to knit up), the longer the piercing has been kept with the jewellery in it the longer it will take to heal up. So if you don't like the piercing, get the jewellery out fairly quick and you should be good in a few days.

If you like your piercing, keep jewelry in it. A piercing can close up in a matter of minutes or months or never. It varies between person, anatomy, and the piercing so it's hard to give a solid time frame.

It depends on how long you have had the piercing. If you have had it for over a year it should stay open for a relatively long time, a completely healed piercing will stay open for weeks maybe even months or years. To prevent the loss of you r piercing though, try not to leave it out of you want to keep it, and wait at least 6 weeks to even change it.

It really depends on the type of piercing and long you've had the piercing.

Eyebrow piercings take about 6 to 8 weeks to heal & are usually very easy to care for.

It depends on how fast your body heals, and how long you have had the piercing. The longer you have had the piercing, the longer it will take to close. This is true for all piercings.

Well it will shrink then eventually close (2-3 months), it could take several months for your body to break down the tissue that has formed in the piercing.

The longer the piercing is kept the longer it will take for it to close once it is removed.

There isn't a set time...everybody is different, no matter how many months or years you have had a piercing. Some people's will close in a matter of minutes, other people's will never close.

Well a nipple piercing can close in a few hours of a few weeks, it depends on how long the piercing had jewellery in it. If it's over a year old it may never really closed due to the tissue type, but that's no need to worry. Piercing with the jewellery removed will close when the body decides it's time to close the piercing.

As long as it takes. Not every piercing will close within moments of taking the jewellery out, there are other aspects that come into play. Length of time you had the piercing, the size of the jewellery, healing issues all these affect how fast a piercing will close. So as long as the jewellery is out the body will deal with it as it sees fit.

It varies, if you have had the piercing for a long time the hole might never close. It does vary, i got my ears pierced over 3 years ago and still close overnight.

It takes as long as it takes once a piercing has healed it depends on haow long you leave the jewellery out, if you are done with the piercing it can take a few days to several weeks for the piercing to actually close once it's a seasoned piercing (seasoned being over a year old).

After 3 years chances are good it wont close, the piercing will shrink but not close completely.

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