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It may not have anything to do with the oil. Go to Auto Zone and have the codes read and repaire them. GoodluckJoe

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Q: If you had your oil changed using a different type of engine oil and your air filter changed why would your check engine light come on and stay on?
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You just changed the plugs on a 2000 mirage Now a day later the check engine light is on you also changed air filter note the light was not on before you changed the plugs and filter and did not come?

did you change the wires also. if not you probablly have a loose wire for one of the plugs. does it run any different

You just had your fuel filter changed could this cause your check engine light to stay on?

Auto Zone will check your engine codes for FREE. They will tell exactly what is causing your engine light to stay on. They may even reset it for you.

Changed fuel filter in your truck now truck is not getting gas to the engine?

In line filters are directional. check that filter was not installed backwards look for arrow on the side of filter. arrow should point towards engine an away from fuel tank

Oil is running out by the oil filter housing 5.4 engine?

check that the O ring was replaced when oil filter was changed. id O ring is good and filter is tight, and housing still leaking, replace filter housing

Why is your check engine light coming on after you changed your air filter in a 2006 Mazda 3?

You might not have sealed the air box properly, check the oil level and the plug leads also. If the engine sounds strange, bring it to a garage.

What causes Toyota Highlander check engine light?

I have a 2003 Highlander. Whenever I get the oil changed, the check engine light comes on within a couple of days. I finally figured out that there is a hose under the air filter case that gets disconnected when the filter is checked. Just reattach the hose and the light will reset after a few restarts of the engine.

Will a fuel filter turn your check engine light on?

A clogged or defective fuel filter will very likely cause a check engine light. If it is suspected, it should be replaced.

Can a fuel filter prevent fuel from entering the engine?

Yes it can if it is clogged or has an obstruction it will most certainly prevent fuel from entering the engine. Check that you have fuel before the filter (incoming) and then check the output of fuel from the filter.

91 Dakota engine turns but will not start I changed the spark plugs ignition coil distributor cap and the fuel filter. And it still will not start.?

Check to see if it getting spark/fuel Check rotor

How do you change the oil and filter on your 2008 Mercury Milan?

The Oil is drained by removing a plug in the oil pan, and letting it run into a pan. The filter is screwed to the side of the engine. After the oil is drained and the filter changed, add oil and check frequently to prevent overfilling.

What if the check engine light is on after you have changed all the sensors?

Then you may want to have a mechanic check it out.

Do your check engine light stays on after you charge your battery?

i just changed my batterys out on my truck now my check engine light is on?

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