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Dear Reader; This is a question which raises questions to be asked by your health care provider. One of them is what are you doing that you would be that stressed? Another is have you been using BC or other meds like that. Yet another is have you made any changes in daily activity or diet? If you are in a relationship where you are being stressed and taken advantage of, get some courage and get away from it. Dwight

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Should I be worried if my period is late and I am a virgin Is there any serious concerns?

If you are having major concerns due to your period being later, then you should consult your doctor. Irregular periods are common when you start your period, although, things such as stress can delay your period.

Can stress affect you mentally?

Yes, stress is usually a major problem for the mind more than the body.

What are the reasons for late or missed period?

Stress, change in diet(major) you suddenly exercise a lot. Your schedule changes big time. Mainly stress or.......pregancy :)

What is the major stress hormone?

Cortisol is a major stress hormone.

What are the questionnaires among employees for stress management?

Stress management can be a major item in the working place. It's very important to manage your stress well. If you are having a problem and it is stressing you out, it is best to talk to your employer about it.

What happens when Earthquakes form deeply in the Earth?

well sooner or later the stress will build up and cause a major earthquake

What is a major type of stress that occurs at convergent plate boundaries?

Compressional stress.

What is the difference betiun major principal stress and minor principal stress?

The major principal stress is the maximum normal stress occurring in an element, and the minor principal stress is the minimum normal stress in the element. Principal stresses act on the principal planes which are perpendicular to each other. Shear stresses are zero on the principal planes.

Stress is a major risk factor in?

Stress is a major risk factor in many health ailments and serious conditions. For example, stress can cause for high blood pressure. It also can cause heart attacks.

What does acne do to your skin?

acne not only cause damage to the skin but also kills one's self confidence,it is a major cause of psychological stress for many teenagers and adolescents,acne requires long term treatment and even after healing it leaves behind deep scars which is another big problem later

What are you entitled to if you bought a new car in Ohio and two days later it has major problems?

Lemon law? If it is a reputable dealer should have no problem

Haiti's major problem?

The major problem of Haiti is electricity, hospital and road.

Where in the word amazon is the stress?

The major stress is on the first letter: awith a secondary stress on the last syllable: zon'A☻ma☻'zon

What stress causes rocks to pull apart?

The type of stress that causes rocks to pull apart is a tension stress. It is the major type of stress found in divergent plate boundaries.

Is the loss of 100 hairs per day considered normal hair loss?

yes it is. the problem is if your hair is thinning. that can be brought by stress or the shampoos that you use. stress is the major reason fo hair loss,but you can get your hairs back,consult with hair expert surgeon.

What is the stressed syllable in the word conservation?

In the word conservation, there is a minor stress on con, and a major stress on va.

What is a Norfolk island major problem?

Major problem is hard part Norfolk isalnd.

What is the major problem of the federal bureaucracy?

The major problem of the federal bureaucracy is that it wastes money

What was a major problem for the US in the 1970s?

The Vietnam war was a major problem and the continued draft.

What is the major problem in projecting with trend line?

A major problem in projecting with a trend line is that

What are the 2 major stress emotions?

pain and love

When I get my period every month I vomit have diarrhea and constipation have hot flashes and my whole body shakes have dizziness and I major cramping every morning of my period what is wrong with me?

I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM! Did you ever find out what causes it?

What is a major problem in Canada?

A major problem in Canada is its neighbours, who are worldly renown for being ignorant.

Why CFCs is a major contributor to the problem in the future?

CFC's are a major problem. It is because they deplete the ozone.

Can post traumatic stress cause fibromyalgia?

A major life stress, physical or mental, can bring about the onset of Fibromyalgia.