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365 portions a year, or 366 portions in a leap year.

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How many potato chips are consumed in a year?

There is 10000000 potato chips consumed each year.

How many potato chips are sold each year?

accourding to online websights they sell about 3.5-4M bags of potato chips a year

What are the damath chips for second year?

the dammath chips is like a chipmunks...

What will happen to your health if you eat only hot pockets for the next year and a half?

I would imagine a substancial portion of the year would be spent in the bathroom.....

What would happen to Persephone if she ate anything in the world?

She could not then leave the Underworld, and would have to return for a portion of the year.

How many pounds of potato chips does the average American eat in a year?

The average American eats 5 pounds of potato chips per year, in addition to 50 pounds of cookies and cakes and 18 pounds of candy!

When did George Crumm invent the potato chips?

George Glum invented potato chips in the year 1856

How many times is Handel's Messiah performed each year?

Too many to number most likely. It would be impossible to calculate a figure for this answer unless every group who performed this work reported in to a central database. Btw, there are several "sections" of the Messiah ... two being the Christmas portion and the Easter portion.

If dividends are declared in a fiscal year but a portion is to be paid in the next fiscal year what amount is record for the currect fiscal year Retained Earnings Statement?

Dividends declared will not be recorded until they are actually paid. You should record the portion paid this year in your retained earnings and the portion that is paid in the next fiscal year in the subsequent year.

How long would it take to travel from Neptune in light years?

A light year is a distance. Time is another dimension. It would take about 40 hours or light to travel to Neptune from Earth (that is a very small portion of a year).

What was the animal in Chinese New Year 1993?

The Chinese Zodiac is based on a lunar calender, so the first portion of the year is Monkey, and the latter (and largest) portion is Rooster.

What was the 1993 Chinese New Year animal?

The Chinese Zodiac is based on a lunar calender, so the first portion of the year is Monkey, and the latter (and largest) portion is the rooster.

How many potato chips do you consume a year?

No more than 52 ten-ounce bags, but DEFinitely more than just one.

How many potato chips do Americans eat annually?

Well, Americans eat 1.2 billion pounds of potato chips every year! And did you know, that's more than TEN times the size of Egypt's Great Pyramid in Giza!

What year does leap 21 test starts?

Well the first portion is on march 22 and the second portion is sometime in April.

How many animals die in the wild each year?

A lot very many not only very many but 24,000 dolphins a year in one place Taiji so that is only a small portion so now you have something to think about.

Should you Buy Littlebigplanet GOTY edition if you dont have online?

Not really it's an online game that can be played offline, but would never have won Game of the Year for the Offline portion of the game and they have so many downloaded extras

For what did early civilizations in Mexico use the solar portion of the 52-year calendar?

Early civilizations used the solar portion of the 52 year calendar for planning farming seasons.

How many potato chips does an American eat in one year?

1.2 billion pounds- more than ten times the weight of Egypt's Great Pyramid!

Is the purchase of a route a capital expense?

If route is purchased for one fiscal year then it is a revenue expense, but if route is purchased for morethan one year then first year purchase portion is revenue expense and remaining portion is long-term asset.

Is the syllabus for std x ssc board changing for the year 2012?

YES! From what i have heard from school teachers. the portion of languages is going to be changed a little bit ,while maths and science portion is going to get revised.DO YOU ALSO KNOW THAT ALGEBRA AND GEOMETRY WOULD BE OF 40 MARKS EACH? THE SSC BOARD HAS ADOPTED THE CBSE PATTERN THIS YEAR..... ARE YOU IN 10TH DIZ YEAR?

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