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You need to be sure you actually have two physically separate hard drives, and not just two partitions. If you do have 2 drives, then the second drive shouldn't be affected. However, I can't stress enough to BACK UP YOUR DATA before you do anything that could risk data loss. Formatting a physical drive will not change another physical drive directly, but the support files (dlls,libraries) that get loaded into the OS on drive A are gone and a lot of programs (even if the executables aren't deleted) will not work without a complete reload into the new OS.

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Which power criterion will affect the number of internal drives that are installed in a computer?

AC input

What drives are installed in internal bays?

Hard disk drives

Which drives Are installed in internal bays?

Hard Disk Drives

Where should internal drives be installed in a computer?

in internal bays

Difference between internal and external hard drives?

The internal hard drives will usually cost you more since they are manufacturer specific. The external hard drives are cheaper and more abundant.

What are internal storage devices?

Hard drives

How safe are internal disk drives?

The placement has little at all to do with viruses. Both external and internal disk drives have the same chance of getting viruses.

What size internal hard drives do you have?

There are a lot of varieties of the internal hard drives available from as low as 10 MB to 5 gb. In the present world the most preferred hard drives are 250 gb to 500gb.

Advantage of internal drive?

If you mean Internal Hard Driver VS. External Hard Drive, it's speed. Internal Hard Drives are faster. External Hard Drives are only as fast as the USB connection is.

What is the purpose of the 4 pin Molex connector?

To provide power to large internal drives like hard drives and CD/DVD drives A+ Answer: "powers IDE Drives"

What is the Main Disadvantages for a internal hard drive?

Internal Hard Drives often have more security threats than External hard drives. Also, they aren't portable

What is an internal desktop?

Internal Desktop refers to electronic computer parts that are designed to be installed inside a desktop computer. e.g Internal Desktop Hard Drives are hard drives designed to be installed inside a desktop computer.

Can you get more memorey for a xbox 360?

Yes. Xbox will take both internal and external hard drives. External meaning USB drives and internal meaning Microsoft or Brainydeal Hard Drives that you can find at your local GameStop or at

What is the local C drive on a computer?

MSDOS and Microsoft Windows identifies drives by single letters (many other operating system allow drives to be named with words or phrases):drive A the first internal floppy diskette drive (usually not used anymore)drive B the second internal floppy diskette drive (usually not used anymore)drive C the first internal hard disk drivedrives D through Z additional drives, may be internal or external, hard disk drives or optical drives, etc.

What does a storage device includes?

Examples of storage devices are: internal/external hard drives, floppy drives, CD's, DVD's, thumb drives, etc.

Are internal hard drives easy to replace?


What are internal hard drives?

Internal hard drives are inside of your pc or phone or pretty much any electrical device. Depending on how large your hard drive is, you can store a lot or a little of data.

Should I buy an internal or an external hard drive?

It depends on your needs, but internal drives will be cheaper and more reliable.

What are some internal peripheral devices?

Some examples of internal peripheral devices are cd/dvd drives, internal modems, and e-card readers.

What is the Internal technology that most hard drives use today?


What is an engine that drives a car?

Internal combustion in almost all cases.

What are 5 storage devices used in computer?

- internal hard drives - optical drives - external hard drives - external USB sticks - NAS (Network Area Storage)

What is the best selling brand of external hard drives?

Western Digital and SeaGate are the top manufacturers of hard drives, internal and external.

Are usb hard drives fast?

Not really. The speed varies widely, even moment to moment, but they are not as fast as most internal hard drives.

What provides the energy that drives the rock cycle?

it could be beause of internal hear.