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30 miles per gallon equates to about 7.925 miles per liter of gasoline.

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8.3 kilometers per liter is about 19.5 miles per gallon.

There is no one answer to your question. It depends on how many miles a car can drive on a single gallon of gas (MPG), or in this case, on a single liter. For example, if a car can drive 20 miles on one liter, the answer is 20. If it can drive 35 miles on one liter, the answer is 35, and so on.

if i go 216 kilometers on 54 liters of gas how many kilometers per liter

If you mean, how many kilometer can you drive using 1 liter of gasoline, that will depend on the efficiency of your vehicle. 1 kilometer per liter = 2.35214583 miles per gallon. There is a handy converter at the related link that compares miles per gallon (both US and Imperial) with kilometers per liter.

Depends on what vehicle you burn this gallon of gas in.

The estimated gas mileage for a 2002 GMC Envoy with a 4.2 liter, V6 engine is approximately 20 miles per gallon when driving on the highway. For city driving, the approximate gas mileage is 14 miles per gallon.

1360 miles at 20 miles per gallon = 1360/20 = 168 gallons of gas

The Opel 1.6 liter engine has a gas mileage rating of 28 miles per gallon in the city. The Highway mileage rating is 36 miles per gallon.

A 2007 Ford Freestar has a ( 26.0 U.S. gallon gas tank ) 3.9 liter V6 engine ( 16 city / 22 highway ) 4.2 L , V6 ( 15 city / 21 highway ) * miles per U.S. gallon

price of gas (per gallon/liter)*1750= answer I don't have a calculator

The price of the gas is irrelevant ! It depends entirely on how many miles per gallon the vehicle travels !

It is Sold by the gallon in the U.S.

811 : 17 = 54,18 gallon. For the 811 miles it will need 54,18 gallon gas.

At $2.50 per US gallon, a liter will cost about 66 cents.

depends how many miles to the gallon the car goes.

(63)/(how many miles per gallon your car gets)

That would depend upon how many miles the vehicle gets to the gallon.

$1.75 dollars per US gallon = about 46.2 cents per liter.

I only get 12.5 miles to the gallon. Gas is killing me, it is tuned up but just drinks a lot of gas