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Weigh the following:

Given a normal pill weighs x and contaminated pill weighs x+1

4 pills from jar 1

3 pills from jar 2

2 pills from jar 3

1 pill from jar 4

Total weight if all normal: 10x

If total weight is:

10x+4 then jar 1 is contaminated

10x+3 then jar 2 is contaminated

10x+2 then jar 3 is contaminated

10x+1 then jar 4 is contaminated

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If you have 4 jars of pills Each pill is a certain weight except for contaminated pills contained in one jar where each pill is weight plus 1 How could you tell which jar had the contaminated pills?

well, given that a normal pill weighs x that would mean that the contaminated pills weigh x+1. so if we take each pill bottle and weigh it we will take the heaviest pill bottle seeing as the contaminated pills weigh more then normal pill, this is what i see as the easiest answer

Did you have to be a certain height or weight to be a knight?

NO you don't have to be a certain height or weight to be knighted ...

Is the molecular weight the same as its atomic weight?

The molecular weight is the sum of the atomic weights of all the atoms contained in the molecule.

Is it true or false the weight is the quantity of matter contained in an object?

That is false. The statement confuses mass and weight.

What weighs a deciliter?

A deciliter is not based on weight, it is based on volume. The weight of the deciliter would depend on the material contained.

How do you can gain your weight except taking food?

To gain weight you have to eat more.

How much do you need to weigh to get your belly button pierced?

You don't need to be any certain weight. You're not piercing anything except a little pinch of skin around your bellybutton.

What words would you use to describe weight?

the number of particales contained in matter

Do girls have to be a certain weight to start puberty?

It isn't so much a case of being a certain weight as having a certain body fat percentage. There is no specific weight or age at which to start puberty, as it varies from person to person.

Abbreviation for weight?

The abbreviation for weight is wt. This is often used on food packages together with the abbreviation nt, which stands for net. Together, they refer to the net weight contained in the container.

Which bone in leg is weight bearing?

All the bones in the human leg are weight bearing except the fibula.

What is rock composition?

Rock composition refers to the weight percentages (wt%) of minerals contained in the rock.

How do you get the mass of a certain amount of sugar?

You weight it.

What is the weight of a parachute?

There is not a certain weightto a parachute

Is Weight Watchers points diet a site or a diet?

Weight watchers point are "Rewards points" that you earn for being on weight watchers for a certain amount of time, and spending a certain amount of money.

Do you have to have a certain weight to climb mount Everest?

You do not have to be a certain weight to climb Mount Everest, however, if you are slim and fit you will have a better chance reaching the summit.

Do you have to be a certain age to zip line?

no, but depending on where you go, you might have to be a certain height or weight.

What is the desirable weight for a 5'2 female?

There is no specific weight for a certain height, and a desirable weight is whichever your most comfortable with.

How much weight is equal to 4.000 calories?

You can't convert calories to weight. If you mean how many calories are contained in a substance then you'd need to know what that substance was.

What is the amount of matter contained in an object?

Its mass.By weight, the amount of matter an object contains is its mass.By size, the amount of matter an object contains is its volume.

Weight variation of tablets?

The weight variation test is performed by taking few tablets from the batch and finding out their average weight, say 'x'.then individual tablets are weighed and deviation or % deviation from average weight is determined. There is certain acceptable range for the tablets falling in the certain weight ranges.

What weight is girls aloud?

No1 Knows except them bit private

Do sled dogs have to weigh a certain weight in the Iditarod?


What does curd weight mean?

Actually is it "curb weight". It is the weight of a vehicle loaded with a tank of fuel and all other things that are required to operate it except for the driver.

What is mass and weight?

Mass is the measure of the quantity of material contained within an object. Weight is a measure of the gravitational pull on an object. Weight will vary depending on how strong the gravitational pull is while mass remains the same.