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Just run the Limewire uninstaller. It won't delete the music. I can't think of any reason that deleting Limewire would delete your music. But if you want to make sure, just copy all of your music onto a different hard drive or a different computer, and then disconnect that hard drive/computer. Or if you only have one computer with one hard drive, you could encrypt your music library. you should go to the file on the limewire application and then open my documents in a new window then just drag and drop the files

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โˆ™ 2006-06-06 16:04:26
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Q: If you have LimeWire how do you backup the files so you can get rid of LimeWire but keep the music?
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What does mozy backup do for a computer?

Mozy backup is a way to keep your files safe, no matter what happens to your computer. Mozy is online storage that allots you an amount of space to save files, pictures,music, and even business documents.

How do you install windows but keep all of your files?

You have to backup all your files (do not use windows backup utility use one those advanced versions) and then install windows. After that you have to the files back (where you would like to have them) There are some options which allow you keep your files and do not use the backup option it's called system repair. But it's not recommended because the OS can get unstable.

LimeWire connection doesnt download music fast?

limewire free download has a lot of virus.. it could destroy your computer if you keep downloading music, video, pictures..

After you download songs from LimeWire into your ipod can you delete them from LimeWire?

yes you can, but is a good idea to keep a back up record of the music you download just in case.!!

If LimeWire is so illegal then why is it still on the internet?

Because limewire is a peer to peer server, meaning that their is no central thing that operates it somewhere, to stop limewire the police would have to go to every computer in the world that has limewire on it and manually delete it off of every computer. As long as two people have limewire and are sharing files with each other it will keep going.

Does LimeWire give others complete access to your computer?

This is a common misconception. LimeWire does not allow a user to control your computer or access anything you tell it not to. The problem is that many people keep personal documents in the same folder as the download directory for LimeWire. This means that whenever you are sharing music files on your computer, you may inadvertently share personal information. LimeWire is also a common venue for people to download viruses and other forms of malware. However, this is due to carelessness, and has nothing to do with the way LimeWire actually works.

What types of things can I keep in network storage?

Network storage devices are great backup tools both for the home PC user and small business. In this device, you can store pictures, music, important files and any other information that would normally be kept on your computer that it is important for you to have a backup copy of.

When you have LimeWire can other people get into what you are doing while downloading something?

Not if you set it up properly. The person or people who you are downloading whatever from can see that you are downloading it and can stop you, but they can't control or access your computer apart from that. Anybody can access the files which you have set the be "shared." To see and change which files are shared, press tools -> options -> sharing and you'll see a list of folders. Anything in these folders can be accessed (but not changed or deleted). By default, Limewire shares your My Music folder and will also ask to search your computer for other shareable files. I would not recommend this, but instead keep one or two folders that you use only for sharing things on Limewire and do not keep confidential or personal files in them. To be sure others cannot access your system, it's a good idea to keep Windows updated and to use a firewall. I have linked this FAQ to others on those subjects.

I want to know if i burn a CD from Ares which is like LimeWire but i keep it to myself and don't sell it or anything is it illegal or legal?

Places like limewire that are file sharing sites are legal. However downloading files protected by copyright from sites is illegal. Even if it is only meant for personal use, it is still illegal to download the music without paying the copyright.

What are the benefits of having a backup offsite?

The benefits of having a backup offsite is to keep files safe from computer malfunction as well as theft and fire. An offsite backup would be a good decision for businesses as well as individuals who work mostly on computers.

Does ripping a CD take the music off?

it does not take the music off it just copies it into a folder in your computer which is legal to keep a backup of a CD you buy.

Do you need to backup windows update before you format or you don't need to backup windows update?

It's more convenient and safer that you use an external HDD and always keep important files saved as they are created, in folders.

What are some examples of computer backup devices?

There are various computer backup devices that are used to keep files safe from deletion and corruption. These include external devices like hard drives and even services like Barracuda.

How come my sd card does not work when i pit it in my DSi it just says Cannot find any music compatble AAc files?

What that means is that there are a few music file types, and your music files aren't in AAC. what you can do is you can search a free music converter and use that, but keep in mind that you need to know what type your files are currently

Why do I need to backup my files on Windows 7?

"Backing up files is not a new phenomenon to Windows 7. Backing up your files enable you to keep a record of all your important files and information in case your computer crashes, gets a virus, is stolen or any other unfortunate incident."

How do you keep two save files on Pokemon Emerald?

== == you just get the gba action replay that connects to a computer, and backup your file to a computer and overwrite it on the gba. when you want the other save back, backup the one you have, and transfer the old one. just make sure you backup it every time you transfer

A volume formatted with NTFS must be converted to FAT32 to preserve the files it currently contains you must?

Any format will delete everything it contain. You will need to do a backup of all the files you wish to keep to another storage device.

What are 5 safety points while using a computer?

Keep you password secureDon't view unsolicated messages or E-mailKeep your computer up to dateDon't publish personal informationKeep a backup of your files

ITunes lost your library on a number of occasions. How do I stop this?

Regularly make a backup of your iPod. If all the iTunes library information is gone, you won't be able to sync your iPod, but if you keep a backup of your iPod music, you just need to retrieve the backup and then you have all your music back.To discover some applications that can do this, take a look to the links section.

I want to download a file property manager for my Samsung Sgh T-479?

You need to backup files you want to keep. Most likely user files even marked system will be erased during system reset.

Would you be able to take songs from LimeWire and put them in a folder so that you could delete them from LimeWire?

Yes. Go into the Download locations for LimeWire. Its under preferences or locations. When you are there, change the "folder where downloaded music goes to" to the folder you wish. i set the folder as my desktop, so its easy to erase them after putting them on my player. i don't share my music. that's illegal. SO make sure to keep most tunes off your drive.

Is it possible to set Morpheus so that others do not have access to users files?

I answered my own question with a Google search. It appears that Morpheus is a P2P program like LimeWire. According to several sites I located, it is possible to set either to keep the program from uploading files so that others cannot access user files.

How to delete LimeWire on computer?

I couldn't delete Limewire. Kept on getting a pop-up that said there was a problem. I uninstalled the program & still it remained. Anyhow i found how to rid it & it was quite simple. Restart your computer in safe mode( when it's booting up, keep pressing F8). Once in safe mode you can go to C/Program files/Limewire, then delete the folder. hope this helps ED

Why are your music files moving aroundi have my music in itunes but they keep moving to my music folder and then itunes can not find them is it a virus?

well you music isn't supposed to move around so yes they are viruses and delete them as soon as you can.

Why does LimeWire keep opening itself?

because it feels like it