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SIRIUS has bought XM radio. they're now the same company. now, you don't have to worry about it!

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Who is the guy that changed radio in the new Sirius Satellite Radio commercials?

That's Howard Stern

Where is the Sirius radio station headquarters?

New York City, NY

Where is the headquarters for Sirius Satellite Radio located?

The headquarters for Sirius Satellite Radio which provides music, sports and entertainment news is located in New York city, New York, United States of America.

What equipment do I need to pick up Sirius radio stations?

In order to pick up Sirius radio stations you will need to have a Sirius radio satellite receiver. If your current car radio does not have a auxiliary jack to plug the receiver into you may also need to get a new head unit for you cars audio system.

What will the new name of the combined Sirius and XM Satellite Radio company be?

Sirius XM, Inc. Sirius XM (NASDAQ: SIRI) will be headquartered in New York, where Sirius is based. XM Satellite will now be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sirius and will keep its Washington broadcasting headquarter.

Where can one listen to Sirius Satallite Radios online?

Sirius Satellite Radio is a very popular feature with many new automobiles on the market. If one desires to listen to Sirius Satellite Radio online, one must visit the official website.

Do all satellite radios need subscription?

The satellite radio services in the United States (Sirius and XM) do need subscriptions. You have to buy the radio (or some new cars come with an XM radio) and then you pay the monthly subscription fee.

What channel is radio Disney?

In California; Los Angeles, it's AM 1110.In New York, it's AM 1440.In Nevada, there is no such channel.In New Jersey, it's AM 1560.In Pittsburgh, it' s AM 530.On XM Radio or Sirius Satellite, it's AM 115 for both.In Washington, it's AM 1250.i

What happened to G Rock on January 20 2009?

I wish I knew! The new format is terrible. Now I need to find a new radio station worth listening to. We need FM106.3 back! Time to get Sirius.

How to fix window switch in Dodge Neon passenger side isn't working?

Replace the switch. There are no "user parts" inside that can be repaired, and the labor to fix a switch will be far greater than just buying a new one.

Hazard signals not working and turn signals not flashing in '99-00 Volvo S70's. How to fix?

The turn signals operate through the Hazard switch. The Hazard switch assembly is in the radio console inside the car and must be replaced. This unit is about $90 CDN and can be purchased from the dealership. I replaced mine by pulling out (Carefully!) the radio console (the owners manual will show you how to do this). After that, you: Push the old Hazard Switch out from the rear of the radio console. Unplug the wire at the end of the broken Hazard switch. Plug the wire into the new Hazard switch. Push the Hazard switch back into the radio console and slide the radio console back in place. It takes 2 minutes if you get someone to hold the radio unit while you change the switch. Good luck!

How do you fix the shift interlock switch on a 1996 mystique?

You take off the brakes and repair the interlock shock by buying a new one DDDDDDDDDDDDuhhh

Why after buying a new CD player when the radio is on would the subs work but when you put in CD the subs do not come on?

make sure amp remote wire is connected to p.cont wire and not power ant wire on the radio

How can you find what radio stations are playing Alice's Restaurant in NYC on thanksgiving?

I had the same question! So far, I've found that this one does: WFUV 90.7 FM, Public Radio from Fordham University in New York City. Also, if you subscribe to Sirius, I understand that it's there as well. Enjoy!

What causes the ac to go from the maximum setting and then switch over to the floorvent air is still cold but wont stay on the maximum setting IT SWITCHES BY ITSELF 1998 Lincoln NAVIGATOR 4WD?


How do you replace the lights on the steering wheel radio controls for a 2004 LeSabre?

You need to buy and replace the switch. The switch is removed bu using a small flathead screwdirver, and simply prying it out of its hole on the steering wheel. Disconnect the wires, connect to the new switch and replace the switch in it's hole.

Explorer rds radio display not working?

Its time for a new radio. You can take it to a repair shop, but you are gonna spend almost as much for a new radio. You can go to and there are instructions to do the repair yourself for $19.99. Or, if you are not into doing the soldering, they have a "Save My Sanity" swap program in which they will send you a part to swap for $84.99 (at least this is the price when I did it). You will get a part to swap and be back with your display in less than an hour. The radio is a great radio with the RDS's better than buying an aftermarket radio. I'm back in love with my radio and Explorer.

Since Sirius/XM's merger am I at risk of them going out of business if I buy a new radio?

The XM company has problems with the economy since it's more or less a luxury item.At this point there is no reason to be concerned,but that could change.

How do you replace the blower on a 2000 Focus ZTS?

To replace the blower motor switch on a 2000 Ford Focus, you'll need three things: A Ford radio removal tool (about $5 at any auto parts store), the replacement switch from a Ford Dealer ($10 or so), and a screwdriver. Pull out the radio with the radio tool, mark and remove the wiring from the back of the radio. Then reach directly down to the back of the bad switch and unplug the electrical connection. There should be a screw or two holding the switch in place, or a plastic locking mechanism. Unscrew and / or twist out the bad switch -- and pull the dial off the front of the bad switch also. Swap out the new switch and do all the steps in reverse order to replace screws, wires and radio. If I missed anything, it's something minor you'll be able to see easily. The whole process took me about 15 minutes from start to finish. Good luck.

Is the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons on 3ds?

No, but New Leaf is. New Horizons is sold on the Nintendo Switch (:

When was Radio New Zealand created?

Radio New Zealand was created in 1995.

Where can I find a cheap and new iPhone?

at radio shack in wynne arkansas and there 99 cents but it would also be cheaper to switch to straight talk instead of a contract

96 Plymouth breeze no brake lights or radio fuse is ok brake pedal switch ok what else?

Time for a new car ! Not a Chrysler product !

What is New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters's motto?

New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters's motto is 'Dedicated to Amateur Radio in New Zealand'.

From where did the first sirius satellite operate?

The first Sirius Satellite operated from North America. The company is headquartered in New York City, with smaller companies in Los Angeles and Memphis.