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If you have a '90 Le Baron with an automatic transmission and can only drive in 1st 2nd and rev gears what is broken?

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I have a 91 Grand Caravan with the same problem. I took it to a dealers shop, they found that it was the input speed sensor. Now it is doing just fine.

I had the same problem with my car...it ended up being two things for me...it was the mass airflow sensor and the throttle position sensor...hope that helps a little

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Can you drive a car with a broken femur?

It might be a little painful, but if it's your left leg that's broken you probably can drive an automobile with an automatic transmission.

Automatic transmission problem Car will not move when in drive or reverse?

There can be several things that will an automatic transmission not to work properly. The most common cause is a lack of transmission fluid. Broken shifting linkage can also cause the problem.

How can you get your automatic transmission unstuck in neutural and drive?

my automatic transmission is stuck in neutral. how do you get it into gear

Why automatic transmission?

An automatic transmission has some advantages over a manual transmission. An automatic is easier to drive in traffic and on hills, as you do not have to keep operating the clutch.

What does D stand for in automatic transmission?

Drive. If it has a circle around it, it has automatic overdrive.

Why is a 86 corvettes automatic transmission only moving in reverse and not in drive?

linkage broken, bad pump, bad transmission. best guess is bad pump or tranny. hope it helps. duboff

What is AOD transmission?

aod stands for automatic over-drive and is a common ford transmission

What is the type of transmission fluid for a 2001 dodge ram 2500?

What type of transmission fluid do I put into a 2001 ram 1500 four-wheel-drive drive automatic truck

First automatic transmission car?

The first fully automatic transmission was the Hydro-matic, offered in the 1940 Oldsmobile. There were semi-automatics (GM's Automatic Safety Transmission and Chrysler's Fluid Drive) available in 1937.

Where is the transmission dipstick for a 1987 LS Acura?

1) Is it a standard transmission or automatic engine? 2) Front wheel drive or rear wheel drive? If it is a standard transmission, you wont have a dip stick. if it is an automatic front wheel drive, it'll be on driver's side front.

Which transmission fluid for 1997 Mountaineer?

According to the 1997 Mercury Mountaineer Owner Guide : ( the 4R70W automatic transmission used in two wheel drive and all wheel drive versions takes Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid ) * the type used should be engraved into the automatic transmission fluid dipstick *

What is the Model of 2001 2500 HD 4x4 automatic transmission?

It will be a 4l80E Transmission. (4 speed automatic with over drive and lock up converter)

What fwd gear do you drive on road with?

Drive on an automatic transmission is usually a good place to start.

Is it a shame to drive Subaru with manual gear?

It's a shame to drive a subaru with an automatic transmission

Automatic transmission troubleshooting no drive?

Change the filter, flush transmission, fresh filter and fluid' walla it might work! We did this,and still no drive.

Can damage occur when Slowing down with an automatic transmission in snow conditions by down shifting?

No,it does not do any damage to the engine or the drive-train of the vehicle with an automatic transmission

How many people drive manual transmission cars in Europe?

Almost anyone does. Automatic transmission is only used by people who cannot drive a manual. Recent luxury cars and buses also use automatic transmission. Remember when you take your driver's exam with an automatic car, you will not be allowed to drive a manual. Given manual is the standard that is kind of a problem...

How many gears does an automatic transmission have?

automatic ushel has park,reves,nutral,drive,1st,2nd,and 3rd

Is the 3s engine a rear wheel drive engine?

yes it is a rear wheel drive Automatic transmission

Automatic transmission feels like emergency brake is on when in drive or reverse?

I had that in a vehicle i used to drive, and they had to replace the whole wiring system inside the transmission

Is Chevy four wheel drive automatic transmission and Chevy two wheel drive automatic transmission the same?

Almost, except the case for a 4WD transmission is designed to mount a transfer case, and the tail shaft is intended to go into said transfer case... a 2WD transmission is not. They will not be compatible.

Can a 2003 vw beetle automatic be towed behind a motorhome?

No and I could be wrong on this but if it is a true automatic transmission and not the DSG, you have to disconnect the drive wheels from the transmission like with every other car sold with a automatic.

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