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Check for a separating tire, bent rim, or tire out of balance

also check tie-rod ends, center link, pitman arm, idler arm (basically all steering componenets), broken belt or lost tire weight.

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Q: If you have a '98 Chevy Silverado that vibrates when you hit around 25 mph and you have already changed the u-joints and carrier bearing what could be wrong?
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How do you change a carrier bearing on a 94 Chevy Silverado 1500?

go to macanic

How do you replace carrier bearing on Kia Sportage?

if your refering to the center carrier bearing on drive shaft , it is easy to do, get the new carrier bearing before you begin , two versions 6.5 inch and 7 inch. If your refering to the rear end carrier bearing, completely different deal. Which bearing ? axle or main pinion gear bearing ? let me know i have a complete rear end looking for a home out of a 2000 kia sportage.

How do you take a back bearing off a 1979 fl250 Honda oddessy?

which one, the carrier bearing or the gearbox bearing?

How do you remove a drive shaft carrier bearing on a 1985 ford f150?

to remove carrier bearing, u will need to removbe the drive shaft from the vehicle the carrier bearing is bolted to chassis with 2 bolts . these will need to be removed and the carrier and bearing will come out with the drive shaft one drive shaft is out you can then knock old bearing and carrier off of shaft with a hammer. the old carrier is no good so doesnt matter if you trash it once you get old one off, carefully known new one onto shaft until seated,being careful to note which is front of carrier bearing you can then reinstall cariier bearing and drive shaft to truck. NOTE: now is a good time to check and replace if needed the U-Joints on the drive shaft

Does my 96 firebird have carrier bearings in the driveshaft?

It could have a carrier bearing but its pretty rare. I have a 96 firebird and it definitely has a split driveshaft. It is so rare that when my carrier bearing went bad, none of the part stores could even get a parts number to order one. So the car still sits. You will have to look at your driveshaft. If it's solid front to back it does not have a carrier bearing. If it looks like 2 shorter driveshafts that meet in the center of the car, then yes it would have a carrier bearing.

What are the release dates for FullDroopTV - 2013 Silverado Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier 1-4?

FullDroopTV - 2013 Silverado Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier 1-4 was released on: USA: 23 April 2013

What is a carrier bearing?

The carrier bearing is located in the center of a two piece drive shaft. It holds up the center of the drive shaft. The drive shaft extends from the rear of the transmision to the rear drive axle (differental). The two piece drive shaft and the carrier are needed when there is a large angle between the transmission and the differental. The carrier bearing keeps the drive shaft up high under the vehicle.

Change carrier bearing on 2003 Ford Escape?

Yes you can. The dealer will tell you that you need to replace the entire shaft, but a replacement carrier bearing (also called hanger bearing) is available at a supplier called Lindsay driveline. They can be reached at 1-866-944-6288.

What supports the 2pc driveshaft of a 1990 gmc 2500 pickup?

carrier bearing

How long is front drive shaft in 1963 Impala with 2 piece carrier bearing drive shaft OEM?

there is no front shaft in 63 impala Wrong answer, it's about two feet from the transmission to the carrier bearing

If I am already a cold sore carrier and it's already in my system and I kiss my girlfriend who has a cold sore right now will I develop a cold sore too even though I am already a carrier?

maybe not

What is a Differential Bearing Race kit?

Depending on the vehicle, a diff bearing kit is a kit you can purchase that contains all the parts to freshen up a differential. This usually includes the pinion bearings and races, pinion bearing shims, pinion seal, pinion crush sleeve, pinion lock nut, carrier bearings and races, carrier bearing shims and a new gasket.

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