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I found that if I had the window defroster on, I believe the ac compressor runs at the same time (why? I don't know why). On my prerunner if I stop I can feel the engine rev higher for just a few seconds and then it returns to a normal idle. If I'm just running the heater to the floor or the dash vents, it NEVER idles high. In fact, in the summer when I run the ac, the same thing will happen.

I have found that When I stop my 1999 Toyota 2.7 the rear end winds up dealer says that all Toyota trucks do that. I blieve when you stop the torqe is still in the drive shaft when you let off the break the tention breaks loose and you feel like you have been rear ended. Mine has been doing that from day one and she has 167,000 on it.

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I believe the answer is found here....

it has something to do with your drive shaft not getting enough lubrication.

a simple enough fix. Good Luck!

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Q: If you have a 1999 tocoma 2.7l engine after coming to a stop your truck wants to lurch forward with a jerk like someone hit you in the rear end you had trans fluid changed and all joints lubed but did?
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