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Q: If you have a 700 credit score but your chapter 13 just discharged what interest rates will you be able to find?
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How does bankruptcy affect interest rates on loans and credit cards?

It cause interest rates to rise.

What is the interest rate on hsbc credit card?

The interest rates on a HSBC credit card can vary, depending on your credit rating. The rates on the HSBC credit card can range from, 11.99% - 18.99%.

What are the current interest rates for buying a new home?

Interest rates vary depending on your credit score. If you have good credit, you can get a home interest rate as low as 4.75%.

What is different about interest rates or price credit from other prices in the economy?

what is different about interest rates, or price of credit, from other prices in the economy

What are some low interest credit cards?

Low interest credit cards are credit cards that have low APR rates or a low introductory APR rate based on credit. They have low annual interest rates, which means, for a certain period of time, sometimes up to 21 months; after this period of time, interest rates will be based on credit worthiness.

Credit card interest rates?

This question needs more detail what about credit card intrest rates

What is the interest rate on loan?

Interest rates are based solely on the severity of your credit. Good credit = low interest rate. Bad credit = higher interest rate.

What is a good interest rate for a business credit card?

Good interest rates for a business credit card would range anywhere from 0% to 10%. However, most credit card companies offer 0% interest rates for new customers for a few months, then ease into really low interest rates after the few months of the 0% interest rate are up.

How does someone save interest rates?

Someone will save interest rates by having good credit, by not being late on bills, by not having any charge off's in one's credit history and by shopping for the best interest rates.

What kind of interest rate does Chase Visa offer?

Chase offers a variety of interest rates for Visa. The interest rates vary through the amount of credit given and approved for. The interest rates also depend on one's previous credit history.

What are good credit card interest rates?

Good credit rates range between 8 and 12 percent. When a customer is very credit worthy, they tend to get the best interest rates. These rates are calculated by adding a certain percentage to the prime rate of the day.

What are the current interest rates for a home equity loan for an individual with excellent credit?

Current interest rates for a home equity loan will vary from bank to bank. For an individual with excellent credit, interest rates can vary from 4.00% to about 5.00%.

What is the interest rate on instant loans?

It depends on what loan you get and from where. If you have a good credit score, interest rates can start at something around 6.78% APR. People with worse credit will get different interest rates.

How soon after filing a chapter 7 can someone take out a loan to purchase a car?

It used to be with a chapter 7, that you could go out as soon as your bankruptcy was discharged and get credit. In fact, you'd get credit card offers all the time. Not so much now with the economy the way it is. You should still be able to find some sub-prime auto financing, but be prepared to pay high interest rates for a while.

Where can one find the latest Home Equity and Line of Credit interest rates?

One can find the latest home equity and line of credit interest rates on the website for various banking services. For example, one can find the current line of credit interest rates on the Bank of America website.

Are interest rates on auto loans much higher if you have bad credit?

Interest rates on auto loans are much higher with bad credit compared to an auto loan with good credit. Many times a person with bad credit will receive an interest rate of 18% and up.

What are the interest rates on Chase credit cards?

The interest rates on Chase credit cards vary on the type of credit card obtained from Chase. Some Chase credit cards offer introductory 0% interest, for a set amount of time after opening the account, or transferring a balance. Typical interest rates on Chase credit cards other than those circumstances, however, ranges from approximately 12% to 22%.

What site is good for you to compare credit card interest rates?

My Credit Union, Money Supermarket, and Bankrate are three very reliable online sources to visit when you are researching and comparing credit card interest rates.

Where can one get credit cards for good credit interest rates?

Some credit cards that offer good interest rates are Visa and Mastercard. Your credit rate varies on the services your card provides. You will have to shop around to determine what interest rate and services work best for your individualized needs.

What will a low credit score potentially do to the interest rates for a loan?

A low score means a bad risk, and the interest rates will be higher.

Whats the correlation between interest rates and credit card usage?

What is the correlation between interrest rates and credit card uasge/

Which credit insurance companies in Arizona offer discounts on interest rates?

Credit Insurance companies in Arizona that offer discounts on interest rates are Zurich. One can also compare the mortgage rates with Zillow and Consumer Reports.

Who regulates interest rates on all types of credit?

the fed

Consumers should be concerned about high interest rates because high interest rates?

High interest rates increase the cost of taking out a loan, making credit purchases more expensive.

What companies offer credit cards with the lowest interest rates?

Bank of America offers low interest rates on some of their credit cards. You can also check out Citibank and Capital One.