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Check the fine print on your contract. Most Payday companies can LEGALLY charge up to 30% interest, so you need to clear this ASAP. You can pay $35 to your bank and stop payment on the check. The Payday company will contact you and attempt to make a payment plan charging even more interest. Although they claim they will take legal action, it is VERY rare that they do because their bank is located in a different state. You CAN get out of this, but I highly suggest to stay away from these types of companies. They are simply legal loan sharks that wont break your legs if your dont pay.

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Q: If you have a 700 dollar loan that was due two weeks ago and the payday loan company said they were going to cash your blank check a week ago but never did how much time do you have to pay them back?
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What is a blank check company?

A blank check company is a company which exists solely for the purpose of merging with or acquiring another entity.

How does a payday advance work?

In order to get a payday advance a person must bring in the correct documents and blank checks. The borrower will pay interest and allow the payee to cash their check on their next payday.

What is meant by the term payday loan no credit check?

The term "payday loan no credit check" means that the payday loan you request does not require a check that you and the company you recieve the loan from both have enough credit to carry out the transaction.

What exactly is payday advance?

Payday advaced is a small loan company that will loan you money until your payday. Usually they set it up to where the money they loan you comes out of your payday check.

Can a payday loan company take you to court for non payment and bad check in arizona?

no payday loans are illegal in arizona

What is payday cash advance and where is it needed?

Pay day cash is a loan company that will lend you money until your payday. What they do is sync up with you paycheck and whatever amount they loaned you, will come out of your check on payday.

Can a payday loan company file charges for check fraud from a payday loan in 2005 in North Carolina and what are the statutes of limitations on this?

i would like to know thw same thing because i have a payday loan and they are callin my job and telling my boss i have had check fraud

How do I find somewhere to get a payday loan?

Check'n'Go offers payday loans. You will usually have to write a check for what you want, plus a small fee to get the loan. Once you are ready to repay, the company loaning to you will cash the check.

Can a payday loan company take you to court for nonpayment?

it is a possibillity but...No but they can cash the start up check.

Can you prosecute a hot check on payday loan in Texas?

can you prosecute a hot check on payday loan

Can a payday loan company really take you to court if you don't pay off the loan and get you for a bad check in Texas?

No they will just garnish your wages. by the way that's not the payday loan company threatening you, it's a collection agency. If you ever need a payday loan go here www.SPOTYA.COM

A blank check is a check where the is not written on the check?

a blank check is a check where the name is not written on it

Does defaulting on a payday loan constitute check fraud?

Defaulting on a payday loan does not, in and of itself, constitute check fraud.

If you are given a blank check from a loan company for a vehicle purchase and instead are granted credit through a dealership can you still use the blank check at another dealer for another purchase?


Where can you find a company offering a quick payday cash advance?

Quick payday cash advance loans are available from various payday loan companies. For instance, Money Tree and Check 'n Go offer these short-term loans for qualified borrowers.

What company offers low interest payday loans?

There are many companies that offer payday loans such as Check N Go and PayDay Advance. There are also usually local advance places. Your best bet is to contact a few companies to compare their interest rates.

What is the significance behind giving someone a blank check?

In charity circles, the greatest gift is giving away a blank check. This allows the charity the ability to fill in any dollar amount needed for their current drive.

What is Payday loans?

A payday loan (also called a payday advance, salary loan, payroll loan, small-dollar loan, short term, or cash advance loan) is a short-term unsecured loan, often characterized by high-interest rates. The term "payday" in payday loan refers to when a borrower writes a postdated check to the lender for the payday salary, but receives part of that payday sum in immediate cash from the lender.

Where do I get information on secure payday loans?

If you want to get payday loan, but concerned about safety then you don't need to worry. Payday are secure payday loans and to get information on it you can check

Can a payday loan company really take you to court if you don't pay off the loan and get you for a bad check in South Carolina?

This all relies on what contract you signed with the payday loan company. They usually just get a court order to garnish your wages. Take a look at your contract and see what they can actually do. Learn more about payday loans at

Can a payday loan company take you to court for nonpayment and bad check in California?

Yes. And depending upon the circumstances the "bad check" issue might be a criminal one.

Can a payday loan company get you on bad check charges in Maryland if you have filed bankruptcy and the loan was discharged?

No. In fact, payday lending is illegal in Maryland. You wouldn't even have to file bankruptcy on the payday loans. They couldn't touch you in Maryland anyway. Even if you do file bankruptcy on them, they will still most likely call and harass you. They are well known for disregarding the laws, including bankruptcy laws. A payday loan and a bad check are two different things. Unless you physically wrote a check to a storefront lender, you would not be writing a bad check. I'm sure you never wrote a check at all, but payday lenders will lie and tell you that it is a crime. That's simply not true.

If you write a check to those cash now places and dont pay what happens?

If the check you wrote to the payday company is returned by your bank for insufficient funds, etc. it is considered to be a "bad check" and the payday loan company can obtain a civil judgment against you. Most of them simply put it on your credit report but some companies do proceed with civil action. To determine what legal consequences of a bad check is in your state check out this website:

Where do you get payday loan?

There are many payday loan businesses. They will cash a check for you which you pay back with interest when you receive your pay check. The names of these companies usually contain the word "check" such as Check Into Cash, Check 4 Check, etc.

What happens if a payday loan company is not licensed in your state?

Then they cannot conduct business in your state. Many states have made payday lending illegal. You would have to check with your State's financial regualtory agency. Online payday lenders will attempt to tell you that the State THEY are in has legal authority. This is not true. The state you are in has the authority.