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If you have a 88 prelude 2.0si when you turn it to the on position and suddenly turns off whats wrong with it and how can it be fixed?

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2006-09-26 23:50:15

Does the problem occur when the motor is "off" and you just want

to turn the ignition key to power the accessories just before

turning the key to the "start" position? It's possible that the

battery terminals may need attention. The terminals can be jsut

dirty enough to shut down the power after a moment of providing

electricity. This can happen with "clean-looking" battery terminals

so it's best to try this no matter how good or bad they look.

First, turn the key to "off" and remove it. Open the hood, go over

to the right-front (passenger side) of the engine compartment and

remove the negative cable. It's marked with a minus sign ("-") and

the cable should be black in color. Do not remove the positive

cable first. After removing the negative cable, put the cable out

of the way and remove the positive cable. It's usually marked with

red coloration and has a plus sign ("+"). If the battery is in bad

physical shape, remove it from the vehicle and clean it away from

the vehicle. If the battery is in good physical shape, go ahead and

clean the battery posts (positive and negative) in the engine

compartment. You can buy a battery-terminal-cleaning-tool for a

very low cost and it will have specially designed wire brushes for

cleaning posts and cables. After cleaning the posts, clean out the

terminals that touch the posts. For cleaning both the posts and

terminals you can use a fine grit sandpaper but you must carefully

wipe out all residue when done. After the posts and terminals are

clean, reattach the positive side first and then the negative side.

You can purchase a battery protective spray that keeps the

terminals from corroding in the future if you want. If you don't,

you'll be back at this in a few months. Some people coat the

terminals with grease, but this can cause problems also as the

grease collects dirt and traps contaminants. Grease coatings

however are better than "dry", but they may require attention from

time-to-time. Never use tap water in the battery, only distilled

water. Using distilled water, fill up the cells up to give your

battery it's ultimate capability to provide electrical energy

whenever you want it. The "filled" level is usually about a half of

an inch below the top surface of the battery. Try not to spill

water but if you do wipe it up. Wear goggles and don't touch any

battery water as it is VERY ACIDIC and will "burn" your skin and

eyes. Sorry for the over-explanation...hope this helps.


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