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The dummy sensors will help. The problem is where to get them. The WWW is full of references but I have not been able to find a pair for my chevy truck which is a 1999 5.3 with cold air intake, 1 inch intake spacer, JBL Headers, dual exhaust, Granatelli Mass Air Flow Sensor, Dual Flow Masters, JET programmer/ing, 3.42 locking diff. The truck is an extended cab. It will barely spin a tire jumpin out of the hole. At 30mph and well past 100mph, it will leave a late model 318 Dodge Dakota. Please E-mail me if you know of a company that makes dummy exhaust o2 sensors for the vehicle I described.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-23 03:09:02
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Q: If you have a 96 police interceptor and the catalytic converters are rusted out is it possible to bypass those with dummy O2 sensors and straight pipe it?
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How many catalytic converters is on a 2004 ford escape?

3, 1 in each of the two manifolds and on in the straight pipe underneath.

Is straight pipe exhaust illegal in VIRGINIA?

As long as you keep the catalytic converters and other factory emissions controls, there should not be a problem. If your vehicle is older than what Virgina requires to be emissions tested, you may be able to remove the Catalytic Converter and other factory control equipment.

My SUV has a total of three catalytic converters two on each manifold and one in the straight pipe. The front pre-cat costs about 1200 can I replace that with a straight pipe?

No, the computer needs all three to have the oxygen sensors reading properly.

Where are bank 1 and bank 2 catalytic converters located?

Driver and passenger side coming down from motor can be seen from under hood coming from exhaust manifold not the ones under car running straight

Will taking out the two cadillac converters and putting a straight pipe on my mercedes e430 damage my car?

Taking out the two Cadillac converters and putting a straight pipe on your Mercedes e430 will not damage your car.

How to disconnect the catalytic converter for a 1999 Chevy blazer?

It is possible to replace the catalytic converter with a straight-through section of exhaust pipe, but understand that doing so puts you in violation of pollution laws in most states and definitely Federal pollution laws.

What is the loudest exhaust?

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Is a straight pipe exhaust system bad for a truck that had a catalytic converter and a muffler?


How do you replace a catalytic converter to straight pipe on a 2002 grandam?

First off, it is illegal to remove the catalytic converter. Secondly the vehicle will not run properly with the converter removed.

How do you find out if your catalytic converter is bad?

your car may have a hard time picking up speed. also if possible crawl under the car and if the front(towards the motor)side of the catalytic converter is warmer than the back, it needs replacing Usually there is a nasty smell like rotten eggs. Disconnect it on the side closest to the engine. If it runs better with the converter off then it is bad. You should replace it. according to the commission on keeping the air clean you are not SUPPOSED to replace the catalytic converter with a length of straight pipe at a fraction of the cost. Even though it could save a broke guy hundreds of dollars depending on his vehicle type you should not perform this action. Even if you're completely broke and will not have a way to work you should definitely not do this. But if by chance you do attempt this remember there is a back pressure line coming off of some catalytic converters. If you had one of these on yours and you attempted to replace it with a straight piece of piping you would need to plug that hole as it comes from the vehicle. Just so you know... not that you would or should do this as it is illegal.

Are straight pipes illegal in Texas?

If your car and/or truck came with a Catalytic Converter from the factory then, yes. Vice Versa, if it did not, then no.

Can you straight pipe a 2000 S10 without using a catalytic converter without messing anything else up?


Is there a temporary fix for catalytic converters?

yes cut the cat. and weld an straight pipe same size as the mufler and problem fix The above answer is 100% wrong. First off it is illegal to remove a catalytic converter from any vehicle without installing a new one. Secondly, modern engines today will not run properly with the converter removed. The check engine light will stay on and you will have poor performance and the car will get poor fuel mileage. The only fix for a bad converter is to replace it. Just make 100% sure it is defective and find out why it was destroyed. Otherwise you will just destroy the new one. Also converters are guaranteed for around 80,000 miles on most vehicles.

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