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If you have a 96 police interceptor and the catalytic converters are rusted out is it possible to bypass those with dummy O2 sensors and straight pipe it?

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2005-09-23 03:09:02

The dummy sensors will help. The problem is where to get them.

The WWW is full of references but I have not been able to find a

pair for my chevy truck which is a 1999 5.3 with cold air intake, 1

inch intake spacer, JBL Headers, dual exhaust, Granatelli Mass Air

Flow Sensor, Dual Flow Masters, JET programmer/ing, 3.42 locking

diff. The truck is an extended cab. It will barely spin a tire

jumpin out of the hole. At 30mph and well past 100mph, it will

leave a late model 318 Dodge Dakota. Please E-mail me if you know

of a company that makes dummy exhaust o2 sensors for the vehicle I


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