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if they're on your insurance

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Q: If you have a DUI can someone else drive your car?
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Related questions

Will you find out if someone else gets a DUI driving my car?

Probably so, since your vehicle will likely be impounded.

Do you get charged more for New Jersey car insurance when someone else in household has a DUI?

Yes double the amount you were paying

Do you have the right to drive your car if it is is insured by someone else with you on the policy?


Are you insured if you drive someone else's car?

that depends on their insurance policy

Can you drive someone else's car if you have a valid license but are not insured?

Is the CAR insured? If not, it's not legal.

Can someone under 25 drive someone else's car?

Anybody who fits the legal requirements to drive in that jurisdiction, and has permission from the vehicle's owner, can drive the vehicle.

Do you get a DUI if your not drunk but the driver is?

No, because you were not "Driving" under the influence. You should never ride in a car or allow someone who is drunk to drive a car though.

Can you drive someone else car in new york?

You can so long as you have their permision.

Can you register a car in your name if your license is suspended?

You can register it but someone else has to drive it.

Is it illegal to drive someone else's car without having a drivers license?

It is illegal to drive in any US state, to drive any car, if you do not have a driving license.

Do you need insurance to drive someone else's car?

The car is insured not the driver however many policies have restrictions as to who may drive the insured vehicle.

What car does Richie Sambora drive?

He has a black Hummer. This is the car he was driving when he was arrested for DUI.

How can you get realaxed while driving a car?

Ask someone else to drive the car while you rest in the passenger seat.

Do you need auto insurance to drive a car owned by someone else in UK?


How does someone with a DUI get CA car insurance?

You get car insurance the same way as anyone else, only you will be paying a lot more than the average driver. Some insurance companies will not even cover a driver with a DUI so you have to go to the smaller, more expensive companies.

If you have full driving license but no car insurance can you drive someone else's car?"

Do you need auto insurance to drive a car owned by someone else if you don't own a car?

yes, not for the car but for yourself. you will not be insured on their car though if you crash it.

If a car is stolen and you have insurance but the vehicle is in someone elses name will it be covered?

Theft is not the same as accidents. If you drive a car, whether it is in your name or someone else's name, and you have an accident, then your own insurance is applicable, but if someone else's car is stolen, that doesn't seem to involve you. Presumably you were not in the car when it was stolen, right? What involvement do you have?

Can you drive with alone with license class d?

I do not quite understand your question. If you have a class d license, you can drive a car all by yourself. You can also drive a car or small truck for someone else and get paid for it.

Can you drive cars in sims 3?

if you buy a car in buy mode, where ever you go you will automatically get in the car and drive it to the place you want to go (unless someone else is using it).

Can you be fined for driving someone else car if they do not have insurance?

not if you are personally insured to drive that vehicle on your own policy

Is it okay for people to drive a car without stopping?

No since you might collide with something or someone else

Can someone else drive a rental car?

As long as this person is listed in the rental contract as driver, yes. However, if you allow someone else drive the car without been listed as driver nad this person gets in an accident, the rental insurance will deny the claim and you will be responsible for all damages.

Can a licensed driver who doesn't own a car acquire insurance to drive anyone's car?

At least in Canada you can not. -The owner of the car has to have insurance stating that someone else can drive their car. I imagine this law may differ from country to country.

If you have fully comp insurance can someone else drive the car with your permission?

In most cases they can drive your vehicle but most insurance companies have restrictions on the age of the driver, usually 25 or older. It is best to check with your insurance company before letting someone else drive your vehicle.