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No you can use the pool with old liner. Foxx is strong and the sides will hold without water. The only thing is that you need to keep adding water and eventually the sand on the bottom will wash away.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-16 18:23:07
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Q: If you have a Foxx inground pool that needs its liner replaced do you have to replace the liner ASAP?
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Personally, I would have a professional change my liner. The liner needs to be stretched smooth, the water added slowly while adjusting the liner, and the temperature should be at least 60 degrees or higher. If the pool is large, it will require more than one person. It may require up to 6 people working at the same time. Pay the money and have the pros do it. They can complete it in one day. Hope this helps!

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Pool coping can only be replaced by cutting the concrete at least a foot back from the coping and busting that section out. If it were me, I wouldn't replace it with PVC, I would go with aluminum. Because of this, a new liner will most likely be needed. My pool was built in '74. The liner needs to be replaced and the coping looks awful. I have been told by 2 pool repair men that the concrete will have to be "busted up" and also replaced. I was told "Liner Lock" is used to hold the new liner onto the old coping and it should last until the liner needs to be replaced again. So, I asked if there was something out there to cover the coping since it looked so bad. One of them says he will check into it for me but I have not heard back yet. I AM IN THE SAME SITUATION WITH A 30 YEAR OLOD POOL. I AM ONLY LOOKING TO PURCHASE THE 4 ALUMINUM CORNERS IF SOMEONE DECIDES TO GET RID OF THEM TO ADD NEWER COPING PLEASE CONTACT ME AT WGJ48@AOL.COM. THANKS, BILL

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