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If you have a Maryland drivers license and it is suspended in Virginia is it still good in Maryland?



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My understanding is, if it is suspended in Virginia it means that you cannot drive in Virginia but you can in Maryland. But I would check my local laws to make sure.

Virginia does have the right to suspend your right to drive there and, by extension, will not recognize your Maryland license. However, a Maryland drivers license is the property of Maryland and as such Virginia has no right to amend it, possess it or ability to suspend it. Virginia also does not have the right to force you to surrender your Maryland license to Virginia for the reasons above although they may attempt to bluff you into doing so. Your ability to drive in any other state, including Maryland, will not be affected by Virginia's actions since Virginia is not the issuer of your license.

Added: ABSOUTELY INCORRECT: Under the Interstate Compact of Motor Vehicle Laws and Enforcement, a suspension by one state automatically triggers the same action in the issuing state. The offending driver can then petition his home state for a hearing to be re-instated by his home state, but is by no means guaranteed that this will happen.

ALSO: It is only the DOCUMENT itself (the license) that always remains the property of the state, the information identifying to whom it is issued is merely utilized to identify the offender.