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I would buy that controller, and if it works for other games then I would sell my other controller (only if!)

2006-09-14 19:43:52
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Can you put an intensafire on a wired controller?

Yes u can but it has to be a certain wired controller

How do you add a controller on Xbox 360?

You can sync your controller into your xbox 360.To do that there are certain buttons on the controller and the xbox 360 you push to sync the controller.

Do you need a certain controller for Call of Duty Wii?

no you don't but there is a special gun controller only if you want one!

What does a future contract do?

It requires you to do a certain thing, for a certain price, on a certain date.

What is a Nintendo 64 Controller Pak used for?

This pak when inserted into the back of the controller allows players to save certain data onto the pak. Certain games require this accessory to save like in Castlevania 64.

What does it mean when a wired Xbox controller is mini?

It is modified and makes you play faster on certain games like COD and MW3. Means they took the controller and cut a wire in it so you can play easier on certain games.

Can you get a controller for the PC?

Yes, there are numerous ones out there. Just check or something of the sort. Also, you can use an xbox 360 controller with a PC by getting a certain adapter

How can you make Super Smash Bros Brawl know that a controller will always be a certain person?

Just readjust your controller settings. B e sure to activate each controller in order you want the players to be if it's really that important.

What type of controller is available for video games?

There are many controllers available for video games; however, many controllers are specifically made for a certain console. The Wiimote controller is available for the Wii console. The Xbox controller is available for the Xbox.

What tests could you use to improve fitness?

There are all sorts of different tests for different parts of your body. For athletics, there is the "beep test" which requires you to run a certain distance between an amount of time, which lessens.

Which religion requires people to wear certain clothes?

There are a number of religions that require people to wear certain clothes. Islam, Hinduism, and Orthodox Judaism, for example, each require that different groups wear specific attire.

Can you play Wii games on the Wii with a GameCube controller?

You may only use the GameCube controller with certain Wii games. Typically it will tell you on the back of the box which controllers you can use with the game. You can use the GameCube controller with all GameCube games.

What is a draft?

law that requires certain age to enlist in the military

What type of connecter is offered with this computer game controller?

Its hard to determind what type of connector is offered with the computer game controller as there is no certain one listed and all different ones have different connectors . I would try researching it online or go to a store where you bought it or that you know sells the same product and ask one of the employees . They would know exactly which hookups are needed .

What does enzyme require to function?

Which enzyme? Each enzyme requires a certain molecule to function. Lactase requires there to be lactose....see?

What is the 'z' button on the wii controller?

The z button is on the nunchuk controller it usually doesn't come into a lot of use it usually just helps you look around in certain games or execute moves that you could of done a different way or sometimes Z helps execute moves you cannot use.

Can you mix different weights of motor oil?

Of course you can but when you do you are changing the viscosity of the oil. Your engine requires a certain weight or viscosity of oil. Use only the weight oil recommended by the manufacture.

Can you save on n64 without pack?

Only certain games don't need the expansion pak or the controller pak.

Do you need greenhouse gases?

The earth requires a certain amount of greehouse gases.

Can a giraffe party?

Partying requires a certain state of mind and giraffes lack that.

How does porosity and permeability interact?

The porosity directly correlates with the permeability because the permeability requires a certain level of porosity for a certain measure of it.

Does the ps3 afterglow controller work for nba2k11 and ncaa football 2011?

do you have a ps3 controller that doesnt work on certain games i dont think so and if you do you need to switch to xbox 360, so yes it should

I'm looking for an electronic store to fix my controller.?

To get your ps3 controller fixed I would suggest calling the company. You may find certain computer repair stores or gaming supply stores that can fix them as well.

What are employability skills?

Employability skills vary tremendously depending upon what job you would like to have. Different jobs require different skills. But most jobs do require certain basic skills. Almost every job requires literacy, for example. Not every job requires the ability to drive a car, but some do. (Insert a thousand other examples.)

Is the job market in London as bad as in the US?

In general, yes it is as bad as in the U.S. Certain fields are a little different with the amount of openings available, as well as employment that requires a degree and those that don't.