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Cases like this one are coming out to the clear more than before. Luckily times have changed a lot and people have a better opportunity to be themselves. I would not call your boy gay, since he wants to be a girl. Your boy will very likely at an adult-life be considered a transgender, this is if he continues to feel the same way. As the parent you should try to prepare and educate yourself in regards to this. He is still your boy and very likely he feels like a female trapped on a boy's body. If he in fact continues to feel this way, he will very soon start to dress up as a girl, little things such as lipstick, moods even hang out with girls more than with guys, all with the idea of lerning about the girl world which he would feel more comfortable around. Be kind to him, since it won't be easy for you to see him this way, and it wont be acceptable for a lot of condervatives. Let me know if you have more questions.

2006-08-28 23:18:04
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