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i dont belive that is true. you can break your hymen from doing sports or you can be born withought a hymen. when you are not a virgin that means you have had sexual intercourse with another person.

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Q: If you have a broken hymen you are therefore not a virgin why?
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Is it possible for a gynecologist to tell if you are a virgin or not?

Yes, a Dr. can tell if you are a virgin. Females have what you call a hymen, and if it is broken the Dr. knows that your not a virgin. During your first sexual experience, the hymen is broken, and that's why you bleed.

Is it possible for a virgin to use a Nuva Ring without breaking the Hymen?

No, the hymen must be broken to insert the ring.

Can you tell if a female is a virgin or not by whether or not she has an intact hymen?

No you can not. Some are born without and others can have broken real easily and others have been stretched but not broken. The hymen is not a sign of virginity.

If your cherry popped from using a tampon but your still a virgin does that mean your not a virgin?

You are still a virgin. You do not lose virginity until sexual experience. It just means that your hymen is broken.

What happens if the hymen is broken?

Just a little blood (but not every girl is bleeding) . And know you are no more a virgin.

If a virgin gets pregnant and the doctor removes the pregnancy successfully without breaking her hymen is she still a virgin?

Unless she was made pregnant by IVF, her hymen would have to have been broken to become pregnant in the first place. How can you still be a virgin if you are pregnant? Think it through.

How do you pass a virgin test?

By not having sex. There is no real way to test if someone is a virgin because the hymen can be broken naturally before a woman has sex.

What is Hymen of a virgin girl?

The hymen is tissue that surrounds the opening to the vagina. The hymen is the same in a virgin as it is in someone who has had sex, although sometimes sex can stretch or tear the hymen.

If the hymen is broken can it rebuild itself?

No. Once the hymen has broken, it's broken for good.

Does a broken hymen be unbroken again?

No. A broken hymen does not grow back.

If you hymen is broken by a finger are you a virgin?

There is no definition for a "virgin". It's solely based on your personal opinion. If you think you are, then consider yourself one. If you think you aren't, then you aren't.

Do all virgin females have a hymen?

No. Some are born without and others can have broken real easily by doing everyday things.

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