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Dealers pay low(wholesale) prices at a public auction, private might be better. A lot depends on the car and the markey for it in your area.


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The bank will contract out with a towing company/recovery company and will tow the vehicle to an auction yard. The vehicle will usually be sold at a private auto auction where there are auto dealers there that purchase repossessed vehicles. The person who pays the most, wins the vehicle. Within 30 days after the auction, you will receive a letter from the bank that will tell you how much the vehicle sold for and how much the deficiency balance remains. Then the collection activity begins. They will constantly call you and ask when they will get their money. Sometimes they will work out a monthly payment with you, and sometimes they won't. If you don' t have the several thousand dollars laying around, then usually you will have no other choice but to file bankruptcy. They could sue you and get a judgment against you. Then they could garnish your wages, take your checking account, put a lien on your house, etc.

You can take the vehicle to a dealership of your choice that sells that make vehicle, not just any garage.

You become a licensed car dealer in the state of your choice.

The four basic rights on the private enterprise system are:Private propertyCompetitionProfitsFreedom of choice

They can't force you into bankruptcy, that is a choice you have to make based on your ability to pay your debtors. When a car is repossessed it is sold and you have to pay the difference between what you owe and the cars sale price.

Pick an engine that will fit in the vehicle and provide the power necessary to propel the vehicle to your liking. Really, the choice is up to you. What do you want the vehicle to do? Is this a race car, or a daily driver? The answer to that question will determine the engine choice.

Cheaters generally run on their legs. if they have any vehicle then they run on that vehicle. So it is basically totally their choice to choose the vehicle on which they want to run.

Private health care gives patients options for coverage and a choice of physicians. Patients can choose their preferred hospital or clinic with private health care.

There are five primary elements of private enterprise. These include private property, freedom of choice, profits, competition, as well as functioning legal system.

The end of each month is a good time to buy a car because many of the lots want to get rid of their inventory. Also just before Christmas or the beginning of a new year. Just before Christmas is slow, and the beginning of the year the new models are coming out and they want to get rid of the older ones. Pick Fridays to set up a deal on a car you may be interested in. Fridays are usually good days for most because of the weekend coming up. Even though car salesmen work hard and on commission and most weekends they still go out for drinks and have a good time ... so pick that Friday if you can. I bought a great Ford Taurus from a car dealership (1 year old and 16,000 clicks on it.) I asked the salesman when he would be going to an auction and so I went that route. You can also buy a demo car with low mileage. The salesman goes to the auction and picks out a car you have requested. I got a great deal on it doing it this way. The car was like new and I still have it (10 years now) and it purrs like a kitten with few mechanical problems. Another good choice would be to get the vehicle at a repossessed car auction yourself and cut the middle man. Of course, you'd have to go to a public auction (there are also private repossessed auto auctions for dealers only). Even one more option would be to contact a bank yourself and ask for the list of repossessed cars they have on stock before they even resell them publicly at an auction. In both cases, any time time during an economic crisis like the one we're going through is a good time to purchase on a repossessed car, since there are plenty of them in the market. No specific time actually if it is a used car. You can always check out cars classifieds online to find the model of car that you desire. Whether you are looking to buy from used car dealers, private sellers or business owners, you can always use this online cars classifieds to compare used car values and cars pricing to get the best car deal and the best value for your money.

Yes, you contracted to borrow money. That money was loaned to you, it is gone. Now you have the principle and the interest. The vehicle that was repossessed only secured the loan. The lender did not want your car, but your failure to pay as promised left them no choice but to secure some sort of payment. Now you have what remains, plus costs and continuing interest. If you fail to pay now, you may have no choice in how the lender collects the full amount.

You are the surviving spouse and as such, you get the car along with the debt associated with the vehicle. You could of course just let the bank repossess the car, which would be a horrible idea. You can't keep the car without making the payments. Your choice, pay for it or let it be repossessed.

freedom of choiceprofit incentivecompetitionprivate propertylittle to no government interferencevoluntary trade offsLimited role of government, freedom of enterprise, freedom of choice, profit incentive, competition, and private property.

YES, they can remove it to any state of their choice

She has a choice of ships, horses, and chariots, but is seldom told of or depicted using any of them.

A used Audi A4 can be purchased at most authorized Audi dealers, through classified ads, or through private sale. The dealer is usually the best choice, because the vehicle is usually inspected, repaired, and comes with a limited warranty.

You will get payment seat in private college of your choice.

Replacing a vehicle vs repairing it is strictly the choice of the vehicle owner. If your vehicle is repairable by insurance company standards, you will be paid for the repair, not replacement/total loss.

"You can buy private health care online, by calling the health care provider of your choice, or by going to a location which sells the health care and buying it."

It is a decent choice in a small SUV and very likely heavily discounted.

Ford F-150 as it is the number one seller.

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