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If you have the SOURCE CODE for the game and the complete source code, you need to figure out which programming language it is in and run it through a compiler. Then the compiler makes the files for you. I dont think it will work becuas eyou wont have all the files it needs you will just create the filename.EXE of the game

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Q: If you have a computer game code how do you use it as an actual computer game?
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How do you connect a Game Boy to a computer to type the code in How do you type in the code?

Use the trading connector

Where can you get the registration code for spore without buying the game?

I bought the game and my computer crashed. So i want to put it on my new computer, but i lost the old registration code. They can be used three times, i dont want to use the game online i was just wondering if someone could help me out and let me use theres.

How do you download the sims 3 into a computer without a code?

You cannot download it without a code but if you know somebody with the same game you can use their code even if they already used it.

Why is a toaster not a computer?

It is not like a computer for the simple reason that it does not use binary code

How do you get regigigas in soul silver?

Regigigas is not in the actual game. You have to get it through a trade, a gameshark, an action replay, etc. Use google to find a code.

What codes can you use on action replay for Pokemon Diamond without using a computer?

you can use any code on any game without a computer but it takes AWHILE to manually put the codes in........................ but it IS 100% DOABLE

Can I use a coupon code at a Clinique counter?

When you make the actual purchase at the store you can't use the coupon code. This is usually reserved for online purchases. You will need an actual coupon for any savings.

What are the use of translators in computing?

Translation makes creating programs a much faster process. It allows us humans to write code in a much easier to understand (and therefore use) format. The translator takes our code and turns it into actual machine instructions that the computer understands.

How do you transfer a game from one computer to a new computer?

You can use a external hard disk on transferring a game from one computer to another.

What is an online game code?

a useful game code which I often use is... FANNY!

What numbering system do computer use?

They use the binary code (1010101011001100)

How can you cheat to get Deoxys?

You use his code for the game of your choice and use game shark or what ever they have for the game cheats.

Does the playstation store use Actual cash?

No they don't. You do use Actual cash (Credit Card) to purchase what they do use and not something you earn though playing a game.

What do hackers use to do just about anything you can do with your computer?

They generally use code they right...

Is there a Harrry Potter game where you can use the actual spells?


What is the game code for Pokemon platinum that you use on the action replay?

cpue-do74d1b3 Thsi is the code but in order for you to use it you have to not only make it caps but you have to only use the first 4 letters. then you use all of it in the game code slot thing.

What is computer version of Morse code?

Computer don't have Morse code. They use something called Binary Code. It uses 1s and 0s for the letters whereas Morse code uses dots and dashes.

What does game shark master code do?

A game shark master code is the main code entered for the game that allows you to cheat on the game. After putting this code in, other codes may be activated. Without it, you cannot use any codes.

How do you use the action replay to put long codes in your game?

if you download the thing on the disk it came with onto your computer you can copy and paste it from there. if you cant do that you can enter the code manually by going to the game on the action replay finding "new code" and typing the code in through the touch screen or d-pad and A button. before i figured out how to use it i hit all codes in manually.

What are computer codes?

Computer codes are the numbers 0 and 1 use to the computer how to function and what program to use, or to program the computer its self. Not really sure but there is a code use to change the appearance of the windows toolbar to the color black.

How to use 99 rarecandy cheat in Pokemon emerauld?

You just need add the code into gameshark in VBA cheats.orWhen you have the actual game and a gameshark/action replay device, put the game into the device, search for the gameshark/action replay website, search your game there and the code. Such a pity you have to cheat though.

How do you use action codes?

First install the Action Code Replay Manager on your computer then insert the game cartridge or cd into your device. Plug in the device to your computer through USB and find the code and put it on the notepad program and save it. Then open the file with the action replay manager to download it.

Why is it safe to use a computer in controlling fireworks display?

Because the computer is normally situated well away from where the actual fireworks are to be fired from.

How do you enter your codes for petz puppyz and kittenz?

you type it in on the computer then you fine the code then use it on the computer or dsi

How many times can you use a World of Warcraft 14 day free trial on a single computer?

You can use the 14-day pass one time for one account, two times for one email, and you can use it as much as you want for one computer. I would suggest you just buying the real thing on your computer because the trial is no where near as good as the actual game.