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try going to lending or these types of services because they will pull credit one time and allow 100's of lenders bid on your loan. they will come to you.

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Q: If you have a credit score with the lower being 511 and are trying to buy a house and would be a first time buyer with no money down are there any programs in which you may qualify?
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If you have good credit will AAA insurance give you discounts?

You do not need good credit to apply or qualify for AAA discount. Just by being a yearly member your qualifiy for these discount at local business and restaurants.

Fast Education Programs?

Some people dread the thought of being in school. Being in school can be a bore for the person who enjoys learning in the business world. Certificate programs can be a great option for such students. These programs only last one or two years. In addition, they can qualify an individual to be a nursing aide or other assistant.

If I work for the government, do I get federal tax credit?

If you want to find out if you qualify for tax credit, due to being an employee for the government you should check out this,,id=217793,00.html If

Why is credit important for business and consumer?

Credit is important for both businesses and consumers who are trying to get loans and lines of credit. Without good business or personal credit, you reduce the chances of being granted a business loan at reasonable interest rates.

Why is credit important for business and consumers?

Credit is important for both businesses and consumers who are trying to get loans and lines of credit. Without good business or personal credit, you reduce the chances of being granted a business loan at reasonable interest rates.

Benefits of Good Credit Ratings?

Your credit rating can determine whether or not you receive a loan, are approved for a rental or qualify for certain types of employment. Good credit ratings can also mean being offered lower interest rates on loans than others with poorer ratings. Homeowners or rental agencies may be able to give you priority for openings or lower a required deposit amount because you have demonstrated responsibility through a strong credit history. Employers who require credit checks are also looking for a high level of responsibility and having a good credit rating can qualify you for positions with them.

How do credit card hardship programs work?

Credit card hardship programs usually start with an agreement between the owner of the credit card and the bank. The owner agrees to pay the bank a monthly rate in order to lower their debt and in return the bank lowers the interests on the debt to keep the owner from going bankrupt or being unable to pay their monthly expenses.

Do chocolate ships qualify as healthy chocolate?

It does not qualify as healthy... due to it being a fat/oil.

What is one's average credit score in purchasing a house?

There is no average credit score for people purchasing a house. Since the credit score is not the only criteria being evaluated,a person with an excelellent credit score, say above 700, but with inadequate income would not qualify for a loan. Since there are so many factors at play, determining an average is nearly impossible.

Could i qualify being a single mom who lost job a month ago?

Yes i could qualify.

How can I prevent my credit card from being declined?

You can prevent your credit card from being declined by paying your bill on time and not exceeding your credit limit.

Are you to receive a tax credit when donating a vehicle to car donation programs?

No tax credits are being offered at this time however tax write offs are possible.

When you get married and you have good credit and your spouse has bad credit does your spouse affect your credit at all?

If you trying to buy a house together, yes, his credit will be taken into consideration and you may have to pay a higher mortgage rate. If you are trying to buy anything together because you need to consider his salary you may have problems. But just cause you are married to him does't automatically affect your credit. But he could potentially harm your credit if he defaults on any loans while you are married. Being married alone makes you accountable for what he does during your marriage in many cases.

You have bad credit but you also have two jobs and have two years of auto credit of not being late or missing a payment on your current auto loan What are your chances of getting a new car?

Your chances should be ok, because a new car credit requirement should be score 650 or higher. And it usually takes 12 month for you to rebuild your credit. So check your score, you may qualify for a new car.

If your wife has good credit and you have bad credit what happens if you apply for a mortgage together?

Depends on what type of mortgage you are trying to obtain. Normally, conforming mortgage loans rely on the lower middle credit score between the two borrowers. This could possibly stop a loan from being approved. But, there are non-conforming mortgage products out there that will take the higher of the two scores to qualify for the loan. In most cases, though, that borrower also needs to be the high wage earner; but not always. Whichever the situation may be, you will find, unfortunately, that you will probably be charged a higher rate.

Does being denied for credit lower your credit score?

Yes. It is reported on your credit report.

What is the Ethnic background to qualify for being ethnic?

african -american

Can you still qualify for financial aide if wages are being garnished?


Additional data and programs not being used by the processor are stored in?

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What is required to qualify for the HSBC Auto Finance program?

You need to own the right by being able to prove your age and Financial ability. The credit worth will also play a role in obtaining a HSBC Auto Finance program.

Can you file unemployment and workers comp?

NO, never. YOu qualify for UI benefits by being unemployed and able to work today. You qualify for WC by being employed and unable to work today becasue of workplace injury.

how can i qualify for a gov. grant being a parolee, homeless, jobless?

I am 53 years old, I am on parole, homeless, jobless and without any money. How does someone like myself qualify gor a gov. grant? how can i qualify gor a gov. grant being a parolee, homeless,jobless?

How do you qualify for Indian tribe money you are part Sioux?

I am part Sioux Indian and am interested in how to qualify for casino money I am part apache and Cherokee do I qualify for grant money or any other money being and Indian?

Can you get a credit card being on unemployment insurance?

== == NO. You are not in a position to pass the credit test for income.

What is the absolute minimum job history one needs to obtain a decent mortgage with good credit?

In some cases, being on the job for 1 year can help obtain a low with a lower interest rate. This shows security. But your job history is not the only factor in obtaining a mortgage. Your monthly income, your repayment history, how you have used credit and your current available credit will be used in a creditors decision on what type of loan you would qualify for.

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