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sometimes in early pregnancy you may not have even been aware that you were miscarring.perhaps a miscarriage was mistaken for a very heavy period but a few weeks into a pregnancy and a miscarriage was occuring,there would be quite a lot of blood loss accompanied with abdominal cramps.a clear bubbly discharge that contains no blood is not a miscarriage.if you are worried go to your g.p as you may have a very common vaginal infection.

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Q: If you have a discharge that is like a clear bubble does that mean you have miscarried?
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Is herpes discharge clear?

The discharge from herpes sores can be clear or pus-like. A woman with herpes on the cervix may have a clear vaginal discharge without odor.

I miscarried at 8 weeks I lost what looks like a clear sack about the size of a older 5o cent piece when you miscarried what is it?

The clear sac most likely had blood clots, which may have contained the fetus. This is known as the gestational sac. The actual term for a missed miscarriage would be 'blighted ovum'.

I'm Leaking clear fluid like my water broke but I'm not pregnant?

A woman's body naturally emits discharge to keep the vagina clean. The discharge should be clear.

What is normal discharge supposed to look like?

supposed to be white and like sorta clear and gooey

What should the mucus discharge look like before a cow gives birth?

Mucus discharge of a springer cow should be clear.

My dog has a clear gel like discharge from her butt?

A clear gel like discharge that is excreted from the anal area of a dog is often a sign of an anal impaction. If the dog seems to be in discomfort or pain it is important to take the animal to a vet for treatment.

I lost what looks like a clear sack about the size of a older 5o cent piece when I miscarried what is it?

The clear sac is known as a gestational sac. It often carries the fetus, whenever it is completely clear without any blood sacs it is known as a 'missed miscarriage'.

Should you remove the clear stretchy vaginal discharge?

You should wipe the vagina like always. It's just discharge even if it's looks different.

Watery discharge now yellow discharge?

It's totally fine. Mine was like that too. It was like thin and watery and first (kinda clear/white) and now it's yellow. Completely normal. discharge can go from white, clear, yellow, brown, pink, name it. It all depends on your body. Nothing to worry about;)

Do you always have discharge with ov?

In the middle of the menstrual cycle when ovualation occurs you should have a clear, stretchy discharge kind of like uncooked egg whites. It is also possible to have a thick, white to yellow discharge .

Is a clear liquid discharge after your period is over normal?

hello,i would like to tell you that a clear discharge is not bad.i have it a few days before i start my periode,once at a checkup a doctor told me that's normal for the body to change over the years and a discharge that is clear no oder is harmless.but if you still worry go see your doctor and hear it for yourself

Is it normal for girls before they start their period to have clear liquid like discharge?

Yes, it's normal.

What does discharge look like when you are pregnant?

It looks like clear gel sometimes or it can appear white/creamy. Pantyliners really help.

Why is the cause of light brown spotting with clear discharge 3 days before period is supposed to start?

It just sounds like you are ovulating (releasing an egg). Many women get clear discharge and light brown spotting during ovulation

Is it normal for a girl to have a lot of discharge during puberty?

if you mean discharge by the clear jelly like substance coming out of the vagina then yes.It's just a girls bodu cleaning itself.

What should pregnacy dishcharge look like?

You should not have much discharge being pregnant, and if you do it should be pretty clear.

Is it normal to have a discharge when you wipe yourself at 4 and a half weeks?

I cant really say if it is normal i was 7 weeks pregnant and i had a discharge that was brown and i miscarried a day later, you really need to talk to your ob/gyn about what it looks like. It might be normal but you need to be on the safe side just in case it isn't normal.

What will a miscarried baby look like at 8 weeks?

i miscarried in Aug 2010 i was 9 1/2 weeks and it was a mini fully formed baby in a clear bag . i found out i was pregnant in Jan 2010 and i am ment to be 9 weeks now and i had a early scan and they think I'm miscarrying again the yolk sac is about 5 weeks they said when i miscarry this it will look like a sac .

What does a clear discharge from your vagina mean?

That is normal. All openings in your body that have an 'outside', produce a discharge. It is usually made of mucous. You probably have noticed that your nose and mouth are moist like this. If the openings were dry, it could cause problems.The discharge keeps things moist and also move things out. When you breathe in, the clear discharge traps pollen and dirt and they come out on their own and when you sneeze or blow your nose. The same is true of the vagina.

What will your discharge look like during early pregnancy?

Discharge, whether ovulating or pregnant tends to be clear to white and have no odd smell. Many say they have an increase of discharge with pregnancy. If your discharge seems different by either color or smell you should make a phone call to your doctor's office and speak with a nurse.

What is this clear jelly like mucus from vagina?

It's normal discharge. It can change appearance and structure during ovulation, arousal etc.

Your period is late and you start having stretchy clear gel like in your underwear what does it mean?

that's discharge, it means your periods on its way

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