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Under the Immigration and Nationality Act any immigrant convicted of an aggravated felony is deportable. An aggravated felony included any felony punishable under the Controlled Substances Act. However, the U.S. Supreme Court decided on December 5, 2006, that immigration courts cannot deport aliens convicted of minor state drug offenses that are not felonies under federal law. So.. yes if the felony is defined under Federal law an immigrant can be deported.

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Will immigration revoke a US green card of a United Kingdom resident?

Can arreas in child support affect the issuance of a lost green card?

If you have a felony can you sponsor your spouse for a green card?


Can a green card holder be deported for credit card fraud?

A green card holder can be deported for any felony.

Can you renew your green card with a felony record?


Can a convicted felon apply for green card replacement?

If you're in the US on a green card, and convicted of a felony, you'll be deported.

If a Mexican citizen marries a US Citizen the Mexican citizen has a green card and is married for twelve years with a child what happens if there is a divorce?

Nothing, you only have to be married for 3 years before they can revoke a green card for such a matter. And they don't even revoke a green card just for that, they have to prove that the marriage was entered unlawfully and not for the right reasons. The government is not going to force you to stay married to someone just to keep their green card active

Could my son who has a green card be deported if he has one felony?

Answer: If he gets up to 3 felony he will be deported.

Your husband was waiting for green card and now is in jail will that stop him getting is green card?

Yes and it most likely will get him deported if it was a felony

Can the state of Florida revoke your license if your found guilty of committing a felony for drug possession?

True or False: The State of Florida will revoke your license if you are found guilty of committing a felony for drug possession.

Can you get a green card if you have a felony charge?

In THIS day and age? Probably not. Check with ICE.

Can you renew your green card if you have a criminal record?

If the crime is a Felony the answer is no. For misdemeanors I am not sure

Can a green card holder get citizenship with a felony? legal charges can exist

Can an illegal alien who is married to a US citizen and convicted of a felony get a green card?

No. A felony conviction disqualifies you from getting a resident alien card (aka green card); even a misdemeanor can, depending on the nature of the offense. Either case can lead to deportation, so tread carefully.

Will there be a problem in getting American citizenship if a person with green card is charged with a felony?


Can a person reinstate their green card after being revoked for an aggravated felony?

I would hope not

Will immigration revoke a US green card?

Having a Green card bestows certain rights on the person. In turn, a lot of responsibility or duties are expected from them. If the green card holder fails to uphold them or acts in a way which is against the basic principle of the US, then he /she may stand a chance to lose all their hold in the US. In that aspect, the person's Green card status will be revoked and he/she can face deportation.

Can child support non-payment revoke your green card?

Maybe if you took care of your responsibility you wouldn't have to be concerned. I would say yes they can.

Will immigration revoke a US green card of a resident for lying about his entrance and leaving dates in the interview of citizenship?

YES, of course it can be revoked for purposefully lying to the government.

Will immigration revoke a US green card of a Canadian resident convicted of a crime?

If he/she is a legal permanent resident, then depending on the crime (serious crime [rape, murder, robbery, etc...], aggravated felonies, or crimes of moral turpitude), yes, USCIS will revoke the green card and deport the immigrant back to Canada. If the USCIS is feeling charitable, they MIGHT allow the immigrant to leave on voluntary departure.

How long does a person have to revoke their check after it has already been put on a prepaid debit card?

How long does a person have to revoke a deposit onto a debit card, after it has already been taken out of the checking account?

Is credit card card abuse a felony in Texas?


Can you have a medical marijuana card if you have a felony?


Can you get a sheriffs card in Pennsylvania with a felony?


Can you get sheriffs card in Vegas with felony?

Yes. I have a Sheriff's card and a non-violent recent felony. I am not sure about violent felonies though.

Can you get a foid card with a felony?

Apply for it and where it says have you every been convicted of a felony check yes. The will send you information on getting the card. It is possible.